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Need Sugesstion and Recommendation for profile


I am new freelancer and trying to acheive my first job but still not hired. Please check my profile and suggest me what is missing which need to improve for me. Your recommendations will be highly appreciated.

Sincerely Regards,
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I hope someone in your field chimes in, because you seem to have a lot of good stuff there. The big red flag I saw was the first lines of your profile saying "welcome," etc. Drop that stuff. In a search, clients see the first line or two of your profile next your name in the list of freelancers. You want that line or two to really matter. Don't waste it on formalities and useless info. Come up with something that best describes what you can do, and  do your best to stand out. Good luck on the platform!

Please see some changes

You wrote "4 years of experience" 2x. I would eliminate this entirely as it's not a ton of experience. What I want to see is more results instead of listing everything you can do. Lead with this information as it would make you stand out from the competition. 

Thanks for your feedback

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