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Need advice regarding my rate as a front-end developer

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Nojan A Member Since: Oct 9, 2018
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Hello everyone!

I'm new to upwork and been sending proposals for the last couple of days. Even though I have 5 years of work experience behind me.


I'm a front-end devloper and I've decided that $35/hr is the rate that is suitable for me.


But as someone who's just starting out here with no reviews on his profile, I'm afraid that I might decrease my chances of landing jobs with this rate.


Now my question to the front-end developers is:

Do you think that this rate is too high? And will lowering my rate necessarily help me score jobs?



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Melanie H Member Since: Nov 2, 2017
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I definitely don't think that's too high. As you gain a rep here you will want to start raising that rate.

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Sergio S Member Since: Dec 19, 2017
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Your rate is fine. If it's suitable for you according to your experience, expenses, etc. that's the important point. If I were you I would not lower my rate. A low rate sometimes helps win jobs at the beginning, but then they can pigeonhole you as "cheap worker" and it will be hard for you to earn what you really wanted.


Before sending a proposal check what is the average hourly rate that client has been accepting.