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Need help choosing name for my business. Any suggestions?

Hi. Not sure if I am posting in the right place.  Hey, I am new here! 🙂 . So....I am a freelance accountant and have started to gain my own client base.  I want to choose a name for my business and set up a website, but I have no clue where to start.  I provide bookkeeping and accounting services.  As for theme, I am thinking something along the lines of the books being reconciled correctly, so "being in shape" or "fit", but trying to keep the name one word (if possible), simple and catchy (not tacky)....I am actively fit, so I thought, hey why can't a business be financially "in shape"?  that's where that idea came from.  I really don't know what theme to go with and where to start really...please help?!  Anyone have some unique and creative ideas?

thanks so much!

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Hey Elizabeth,


Sounds like you need to hire someone for this.

Why don't you set up a job on Upwork instead of the community forum...?



good point.  I will try that.  Thank you!

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