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Need help with Tax Information on Profile

Hi There


I am a South African National currently living in Boston, USA on a J2 visa. I created my profile on  (which was then) Elance while still living in South Africa and have since updated my information.


I am considered a 'Non-resident Alien' for US tax purposes which means that I need to provide W8-BEN tax information. To do this I need to select "I am not a US Person" option when prompted. 


I am also required to check the box in the screenshot below to save this information. However, I cannot check the box because points 4 and 5 will not be applicable to me.


I have been granted a work permit to work in the USA which is currently in renewal process.


Kindly advise how I should proceed further.

Many thanks.

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Jayshree,

Unfortunately we can`t advise on what option to chose or how to fill out you`re W8BEN form in this case.
I can advise you to consult with an immigration attorney or a tax specialist, once you have received a legal confirmation you can fill out your form accordingly.

~ Goran

Thanks for your feedback. 

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