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Need help

Hi guys, 
I have completed one project and client has approved it I got this message on Gmail

"The last submission of milestone "Passenger & Tourists Transportation Data Collection in Kanpur" on contract xxxxxxx "Passenger & Tourists Transportation Data Collection in Kanpur" has been approved."

But i do not see any option to give feedback and neither clients feedback is visible

what to do any suggestions?

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The feedback prompts show up when a contract is officially closed. An approval of a completed job is not the same as a closed contract, as the client has the option of keeping it open to throw some more work your way. If this is a "one off" job, and there will likely be no more tasks, you may request the client to close the contract and submit his feedback. 


Thanks Melanie, 
this client has not ended the contract and has become unresponsive, well but there is no milestone left over. I have completed the described milestone and client has approved it, but the contract still exists what
shall I do to end the contract?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Nandeesh,

You may opt to end the contract yourself where you will be prompted to leave feedback for your client. Your client will also have 14-days to leave feedback for you. 

You may read this help article to know how you can close a contract yourself. 

~ Avery
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