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Never got a reply from clients.

It's almost one year I joined upwork.I have done 27 jobs and good reviews but I didn't get any jobs from upwork all of my cliets was from outside of upwork and I bring them to upwork.Now my question is I am trying to get a jobs here.I applied daily but didn't get a single reply? I enrolled upwork membership plus plan but I don't think that work.
What to do in thia situation?
Thanks Jahid Hasan

Hi Jahid,


I guess you need some freshness both in your profile and cover letters. Rewrite your overview, as this one doesn't work, add other portfolio items, change the style of your cover letters.

Just to mention, freelancer plus plan doesn't contribute to being hired more in any direct way. You just get more connects, see the max, avg, min bids and a few more advantages. 

Thank you for reply....

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