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Never receive client invitation

Hi Team,

I had been one year working on Upwork for and never had a client invitation, can someone explain this to me?, Or any problem with my profile anyone please suggest me? This is my profile link: https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~01a826781f39870351


Thank you 

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Although clients can send invitations to jobs, it's rarely the main way of finding work on Upwork (at least in my experience). I have only had previous clients send me invitations after I completed work with them in the past and they wanted to work with me in the future. 


When clients post they also get a selection of freelancers that they can choose to send invites too... I'm not really sure how the algorithm  selects those freelancers, but sometimes they are not very well suited matches.


Long story short, Upwork is mainly a platform where people post jobs and clients apply, not the other way around like some other freelance platforms. 

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Thanks, James, nice to meet you.

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