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New Feature


I have suggestions for the team of Upwork


Can they work on a feature in which if a freelancer does not have any connects neither any available dollar balance in the account but meanwhile if a job is posted which the freelancer thinks is best suitable to apply for. He/She is confident to win the project. So in order to apply upwork for a short period of time can give connects to the freelancer at that moment obviously if the freelancer applies for and when the freelancer earns any money. The platform can deduct the connects charges given. It's Sort of deferred payment.


This will help freelancer to at least win that project or apply on the job at that moment .


I hope you understand my point


Thank You 


Saad Jamal


Community Member

Won't all freelancers feel confident that they can win the project (otherwise nobody would send a proposal)? It wouldn't be fair if some freelancers have to pay for connects, while others only have to pay if they win the project.

If you run out of connects, you can buy more. You don't have to have a dollar balance on your account.
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Saad,


Thanks for your suggestion. I'm not aware of any plans to change the way this works currently. If anything changes in this area, we'll make sure to inform the Community.

~ Bojan
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