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New Freelancer From Sudan - Questions about Verification

Hello Dears! - thank you in advance for looking into this and sharing your feedback,


I am a new member and I'm currently located in "Sudan",

I want to know if working as a freelancer from Sudan would cause me troubles in the future, as I heard Upwork does not allow Sudanese Freelancers on the site and they block/ban any users once they are proven to be located in Sudan. a friend told me his account was banned last year due to this.


So, should I start looking and bidding for jobs or give up before sealing any contracts?


Thanks Again!

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Muri,


Unfortunately, we can't provide service in some locations due to limitations with our payment partners. However, I will definitely share your interest and feedback with the team. Thank you.

~ Goran

Thanks Goran for passing by!

I am really looking forward to be a part of this amazing platform, awaiting your feedback!

Community Member

Hello Dears,

Thank you for looking into this and providing your very much needed support.,


I joined upwork about year ago, and since I had joined until today I was not able to use the platform as freelancer, because there is no Payment Method provided to me.

I posted a topic about in this community 21st of october 2020, and it had been 10 months with no news.

Please, we really need your help to incorporate us (me and the many other freelancers from my country). We do have International payments working through iBANs and swift codes (wire transfer)

Please empower us and enable us by providing such a payment option, there is a lot of talent waiting to contribute to this platform success.


Please.. please, help us!

Best Regards.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Muri,


We understand that you're interested in using Upwork and really appreciate your feedback. Unfortunately, we don't have an update about this as we still can't provide service in some locations due to limitations with our payment partners.


Thank you! 

~ Bojan
Community Member

Hello Bojan,
Thank you for your swift and respectful reply,
I would like to raise this issue so it may begin to be resolved and not forgrotten / be ignored, It has been almost a year with no update, another year can go by with no progress. 
So who can I contact to place this request and follow with it? I don't expect this to be resolved on its own, we have to push for it.
Please let me know if there anything I can do from my side locally to move it forward?

It sounds like Upwork programmers and managers are not ACTUALLY making a decision about Sudan.

Upwork is simply working within the limitations set forth by their third-party payment partners.


A more successful strategy for you would be to work directly with those payment partners and have them add Sudan as a viable country within their systems. That way users in Sudan will be able to work with Upwork as well as all other companies and services that utilize those same payment partners.


I see that and understand that it is not directly in Upwork's hands to begin integrating Sudan.

Thank you for your recommendation and the better strategy - I absolutely agree with you. But where can I learn about Upwork's payment partners so I can try to reach out to them on my own?


Thank you again for actually caring about this situation!

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