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Re: New Freelancer but no work and no feedback ,how to get client?

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Sintu L Member Since: Aug 16, 2020
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If somebody join in upwork as a new freelancer so he has no experience ,naturally dont have any positive feedback.But clients generally select those freelancer who are experienced and reputed profile in upwork .So how a newcomer as a freelancer can get a work ? 

Upwork Staff
Mike J Upwork Staff Member Since: Mar 18, 2019
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Hi Sintu,


Welcome to Upwork! It's essential to have a strong profile and cover letter in order to succeed on Upwork. I reviewed your profile and have some suggestions:

  • The beginning of your profile overview displays in prospective client search results. So, your first sentence should include clear, relevant information about your primary skill sets and expertise.
  • Your profile overview is difficult to quickly scan and understand what your primary services and experiences are. It might help to organize it with paragraphs: for example, have your introduction paragraph, a separate paragraph for skills, and one for experience. In this way you might emphasize certain areas, but use caution with adding lists of skills with few to no related work examples because clients may question the sincerity of your skills list.
  • Consider crafting your overview as a pitch to prospective clients. Help clients understand your abilities better by listing information about your skills and experience in an original and creative way. Focus on how you can help clients achieve their goals. For example, expand on who you are, the services you offer, and what you’re most passionate about.
  • Your written English skills are strong and you are easy to understand. However, I did see a few minor errors. If you'd like to add extra polish, you might want to consider using Grammarly (from I use this myself and really like it because it's free and it offers a Chrome add-on so it works in webmail, messages, proposals, and more.

Here are some additional tips for writing a great Overview.


I hope this helps!

Mike J. | Jr. Program Manager, Talent Success

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Sintu L Member Since: Aug 16, 2020
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Thanks Mike .I am happy for your kind suggestion and would like to restructure my profile as you suggest.