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New To Upwork: How to Build Yourself

Hi everyone!


I am new to Upwork.  What are some tips for building yourself and gaining credibility with clients?  I have successfully completed one job, but I put in proposals for 3 other jobs and have no heard anything back.  Did it take you a lot of time/effort to successfully build yourself?


Thanks in advance!


Hi Kristina,


I checked your account and saw that you have recently completed a job. Congratulations on receiving a positive review from your client! It may take some time to win jobs, but consistently submitting proposals will increase your odds of winning jobs. You may want to visit these articles from the Upwork Academy for helpful tips in writing your proposals. 

~ Joanne
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1. Don't start with low rates, that doesn't build trust. 

2. Start with the rates you want to get long term.

3. Your rate is too high for data entry, but you can't compete with people from other countries who can go lower.

4. Skip data entry altogether. It's not well-paid, completely saturated, and swamped with scammers. 

5. Find a real skill to sell. 

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