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New Voiceover Talent Profile Feedback

Hi!  I'm an experienced voiceover talent who's new to Upwork.  Would you be able to critique my profile and offer any suggestions?  Also, what category do voiceover artists go under (Sales & Marketing)?  Thanks! Sherry **Edited for community guidelines**

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Hi Sherry,


Community members who specialize in voice over might chime in and offer their advice as well. I checked your profile and it looks good overall. If possible, you could add some portfolio items to showcase your skills and experience. Check out these help articles for some ideas on how to improve your profile.


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~ Valeria



Adding to what Valeria has said, when you add your portfolio (without giving any personal contact information), have a video or live recording of your voice - perhaps illustrating how you present an ad, a documentary, or a story etc. 

Thanks for your feedback. However, It looks like I can only post a video if it’s on YouTube, right? If so, I do not have any subscribers on YouTube.

Hi Sherry,


You can simply upload a video on Youtube and use it on Upwork.


Having subscribers is neither necessary nor relevant.

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