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New Zealand bank account

I received an email to say my payment had failed due to a wrong bank account.

I'm a little confused about how to correctly fill in my bank information as I obviously haven't done it correctly. Are there any other New Zealand freelancers out there using their bank account for payment methods and could walk me through how to fill the information in correctly? I know my SWIFT code, I just don't know the format of the other two sections. 




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Community Manager

Hi Jenna,


Please enter the swift code and before adding your account number and national clearing code, click on these two fields and check the pop-up message, which should help clarify the format you should use when adding information in these fields. Please follow up afterwards and let me know if you found the in-product guide helpful and note it will take three days to activate the newly added withdrawal option.

~ Vladimir

Hi there!

Thanks for the tip. I did all of that in the first instance and entered my account number as per the instructions but I'm wondering whether it has more to do with the bank, now that I look more into it? I did more research and according to some people, their payments bounced until they went into the bank and confirmed the connection between the payments. Really odd but it happens. I've linked up my PayPal instead 🙂 


Hi Jenna,


Thanks for following up with additional info. In that case, you can try contacting your bank to confirm your account isn't limited in any way, and set up DLB payment option again. If the problem still persists I can ask our team to investigate and communicate with you directly.

~ Vladimir

That's great thank you. I will hopefully chat to them on Monday as I couldn't get through today. I will be in touch! 

Hello again.

I've just spoken to my bank and they believe the way it's formatted doesn't allow me to enter my suffix or full account number.

Is there a member of the Upwork team who could help me out? 

Hi Jenna,


I'm also having the same problem in transfering money to my westpac account. I have contacted UPWORK and they suggested to do the following method,


I actually have a 15 digit account number, in that I need to use the first six digits of my Westpac account number as BSB. So in the field of account number I have given my 7 digit account number + 2 digit suffix. Since it is only having 9 digits I have added 3 zero's to the beginning. 





MyWestpac Account Number : AA-BBBB-CCCCCCC-DD


What I have given in UPWORK,


Account Number: 000CCCCCCCDD




Now only I have give these details, it will take 3 days to get this payment method active, after that I will withdraw the amount to this account and let you know how it goes.



Hey there! 

I wonder if it's just Westpac that's the problem! I never ended up getting mine to work. Both times my payment bounced back. I formatted it exactly how Upwork suggested and it still came back to me so I gave up and used PayPal. 


Hi Jenna,


Did you formated it as same as I mentioned here ?  then my payments may also be rejected like your case. Yes we can use PayPal but the problem is it will cost few $ as service fee and currency conversion.


I can't remember now as it was some time ago, but i've had no hassles with PayPal. In fact, i've had minimal fees. Westpac charge like a wounded bull for international payments. 

But I wonder you need to transfer payment from paypal to the bank, right ?


Also do we need to pay TAX for the money that we are getting from UPWORK ? If so how can we register for that 

Hi, My payment also get rejected by bank because of invalid account details. I'm not sure why this is happening, I even filled up the details infront of bank representative to make sure that it's correct.


Anybody else from NZ receiving funds from Upwork to your bank account ?

At last I got the payment from UPWORK to my NZ bank account. This is how you should fillup the payment details on UPWORK,


New Zealand: The typical New Zealand account number looks like: AA BBBB CCCCCCC DDD
AA= Bank BBBB= Branch code CCCCCCC= account number DDD= suffix AABBBB is also the BSB number. 

The 12 digit number includes a 8 digit bank account number AND a 4 digit suffix. If bank account number is less than 8 digits, use leading zeroes. If suffix is less than 4 digits, use leading zeroes. 
For example:  Bank acct#: 12345 Suffix: 89 
User should enter: 001234560089


Don't get confused because UPWORK support told me twise that I need to use 3 digit suffix and at last only they confirmed that I need to use 4 digit suffix. So the above format will work perfect 🙂



I just wanted to clarify your response:


If you're bank account number is AA BBBB CCCCCCC DDD (as per your notation earlier), do you put "0CCCCCCC0DDD" for your account number, and "AABBB" for the BSB code?





Hi Jon,


I bank with westpac nz, my account number is : AA-BBBB-CCCCCCC-DDD


so for me the BSB code is the first 6 digits of my bank account that is AABBBB




If you're bank account number is AA BBBB CCCCCCC DDD (as per your notation earlier), do you put "0CCCCCCC0DDD" for your account number"


Yes for the account number what you have mentioned is correct.

Thanks for your clarification, it helps a lot. Just confirm one thing, if the suffix is 00, should I use 0000 for the suffix?

Here I am in May 2021 and it's still rejecting my New Zealand bank account. I think I will try PayPal.

I never had any luck with Westpac so just use PayPal! I've changed banks
now but didn't want the hassle of trying again Haha.

Thanks Jenna. And now I have a mismatch with my PayPal account because I use J A Winter for PayPal and Jody Winter for Upwork! To change my name on my PayPal account I need to upload photo ID (fine) plus a marriage or divorce certificate. Tricky as I have been neither! Another option is a deed poll. I assume that's a birth certificate? Anyone know? I'm keen to use PayPal as I'm getting nowhere with direct to bank.

Ohhhh that's tricky! I wouldn't know as I made my account just for Upwork.
Their support phone number is really helpful though - give them a call! Let
me know how it goes 🙂

Hi Jenna. I found another post from 2017 by another Kiwi who gave the formula she used to add her bank account. I followed it and it worked!

Hi Jody,


Please keep in mind that it can take up to 3 days for the verification on your payment method to be finished. Feel free to add your PayPal account and allow up to 72 hours for the review to be finished. Thank you.

~ Goran
Community Member

Hi Dear, Have you sorted your issue I am also facing the same issue. I am trying to ASB bank account and it failed the number of times. please suggest me. Thanks in Advance

Hi Amritpal,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I shared your report with our team and one of our agents will reach out to you via a support ticket to assist you further.

~ AJ

Hi Amritpal, did you manage to get your funds to ASB bank account? Just checking as I'm with ASB as well and I'm not sure if I will get mine this week. This will be my first Upwork payment. 


My bank account looks like this: 0123456-00 and I put it like this - 001234560000

Not sure if I put it correctly and I'm really worried if I will get my funds or not... 

Hi Angel M, 


I was hoping to know if your format worked with your ASB account to receive payment because I've had a bounced payment where Upwork already charged me .99c. Would appreciate if you could tell me if the zero's worked in front of the suffix. 



Thought I'd make a note about the ASB acc no. If the suffix ends in 03 or 00, there needs to be 2 extra zeros in front:

0003 or 0000. 

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