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Re: New and looking for advice

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Benoit E Member Since: Aug 21, 2020
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Hi, I am fairly new to the community. I have sent one proposal a few days ago and awaiting a return. 

I have been strongly suggested to send more than one proposal at once, as it seems to be a mathematical and proven strategy. 

Before going any further, I would like to know what happens in the event I am hired for two contracts that have to be completed on the same date?

What do you guys do?

-Accept both if workable and try to get done for the same date?

-Agree on a later date for one of the two contracts if possible?

-Let go of one of the two: have you ever done this without "having been rarely picked" for later by the contractor or job giver?

-Or else?

Once I know better how to manage this, I will be much more active on the platform

Your advice is most appreciated here!


Benoit from Québec, Canada


Community Guru
Richard W Member Since: Jun 22, 2017
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Hi Benoit. You don't have a contract with the client until you've received a formal job offer and accepted it. So if you receive a second job offer after you've accepted the first, and you don't have time for both, you can just decline the second offer or ask the client if they're prepared to wait.


Good luck.