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New client contract



How can I bring a client to upwork and transfer their contract proposal from somewhere else to here? Like I have a client from somewhere else, that I rather have him send a contract from here or my self idk but is there a way? 


Thanks in advanced, 


Hi Monica,


You won't be able to transfer a contract from another platform to Upwork. You can opt to work with the client via a Direct Contract if you'd like to, for example, work on a single project with them through Upwork. Alternatively, you may also make use of the BYO (Bring Your Own) program to bring your client to Upwork so they can have their own account. Let us know if you'd prefer to take advantage of the latter so we can assist you further.

~ Luiggi

Yes, thats what I want to do, bring my client to upwork, I will let you know after I consult with him now that I know it is possible.  


Thank you! 

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