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New freelancer


I am a new freelancer, can any one help me to win my first job


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Hi Mohamed H


Nice to see you here


I know landing the first job is very hard at this time. But I have a few suggestions for you

1. Try to build a quality profile. I have checked your profile, and I see you don't have portfolio. Your previous working portfolio is important to attract Buyer

2. Keep Updating your skill

3. Understand client requirements and then bid accordingly

4. At initially don't bid on a proposal that requires high connects (My opinion)


You can have a look at this Working on Upwork 101


I got my first job after submitting 50+ proposals, so don't lose hope.


Best Wishes to you

Thank you Ahanaf.

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I hope all is well, here are some quick recommendations: 


  • add more items to your portfolio
  • add more experiences if you have them
  • add a video if you can (i know, i know, i don't have one but I should!)
  • any certifications you can add to your profile will give you more credibility
  • try to include keywords which are relevant to your industry in a non spammy way.
  • Most importantly, continue to keep clients happy and get great reviews > JSS > Score > Badges

Have a look at mines, may be it will help and give you some ideas: 



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