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New here? Please introduce yourself!

Hey all!


Welcome to the Upwork Community! Check out this list of Upwork Community offerings and explore how you can participate, attend events, learn best practices, and become even more successful with Upwork.


To kick start your community journey, we recommend introducing yourself to your fellow. Using the questions we’ve provided (or a style all your own), reply to this post and tell us a little about yourself!


  1. What field do you work in, and where are you located?
  2. What are you hoping to learn from other members? 
  3. What (or who) inspires you?



Hi all,


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Thank you!


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Hi Ijeoma Iroka I want to know how we can join virtual assistant in a popular company 


Hi everyone. I am Rashed Ahmed. I live in Bangladesh. I am new here & I am very happy for connect with yours.

Hi ljeoma I,

My name is Saliha Asif.I am an experienced educational content writer. I have the treasure of knowledge getting from my education journey. I want to expose my knowledge with the help of my words in the form of content with familiarity. I have a list of unissued, unpublished Educational Content related to biology, botany, and science subject, for students and researchers. I want to help the new generation so that they get their achievements in their exams. I want to play my role

in their successful journey from beginner to toppers. 

Getting your words, help me to achieve my goal.

Waiting for your response.


I am silked this said 

That's good am also new here. Am fiza 

Hi Ekin.

I see that you are Turkey has faced many national disasters this year. I hope you and you family are ok.

I am Julker Nain. My father's name is Abdus Salam and mother's name is Shirin Akhtar. Living in Barisal city since birth. In 2003 I passed my SSC exam from Zilla School Barisal, then in 2005 I did Diploma in Business Studies from Govt Commercial Institute, then in 2010 I did graduation in Economics from Govt BM College under National University and in 2011 I completed my Post Graduate. Then I did contract work in 2/3 companies till December 2014, finally on 22.01.2015 I joined AB Bank as Trainee Officer in General Banking Department. Then I continued working under General Banking for 5 years in various parts, I worked in Internal Audit Department of Head Office DICC (Internal Control and Compliance Department) for the last 3 years (2020-2023). I resigned from AB Bank on 01.03.2023 and my last working day was 31.03.2023. I was determined from the time I joined the service. In fact, the real reason for my resignation was that the nature of the job conflicted with my religion. This is the essence of my interview, thank you very much, stay well inshaAllah.

Hi EveryOne.. I am Geetha from India. I have 19+ years of experience as developer/Team lead/Project manager/Freelancer in IT industry. I find a lot of interesting and potential projects here which suits my experience. Waiting for that first project 🙂

Happy to join the community. Will be happy to hear from other's experiences and also to share mine.


Best Regards

Greetings! My name is Nasir Khan, and I am proud to provide exceptional guest post services. I am backed by over 6 months of experience with Gobber Company, where I honed my skills and expertise in the field. I firmly believe that collaborating and exchanging knowledge with others is crucial for both personal and professional growth. I am eager to learn from the experiences and insights of other members and contribute to the community by sharing my unique ideas and knowledge. My greatest inspiration comes from the unwavering support and motivation of my family, friends, and mentors, who have been instrumental in shaping my goals and encouraging me to pursue my passions. I find immense satisfaction in witnessing the triumphs of individuals who have overcome formidable obstacles to achieve their dreams through hard work and determination. This has instilled in me the belief that nothing is impossible with the right attitude and effort.

Hey there I am from Pakistan and as you're able to give the complete knowledge to me as if will be my houner... 

Hi My name is ahmed ali im a social media manager i have 4 years of experience and im manageing 4 accounts. if anyone can work with me please contact me

Hello.. ahm i am Jhoncent from the philippines im first year student taking course of computer Engineering i know that im new here in this field  not have more experience but i willing to try to get this opportunity because this not all earn of money im willing to explore and study othere fields related to my course in other words im here to learned a new stradegy. how get earn mony as base in your creativity and and willing to do that,.



Hi,am Nwachukwu Chinedu Daniels am hoping to learn a lot from this community of great minds,I am into freelancing mobile technology and home decorator.

Hi there, my name is Angelo, and I want to work as a video editor. I don't have any experience, but I'm willing to learn. I'm from the Philippines.

Hi all, I am Anisha Ishrat Ali. I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I specialize in retyping document, pdf conversion, data entry, copy pasting etc. I can do all sorts of typing jobs according to the needs of the clients. I also am a college students and I am trying very hard to pay my college fees by myself because my mother is a single mom and she struggles very much to pay for my college fees. I am working hard to find jobs. I will be very grateful to receive any chance to do  work to ease the financial pressure. Please pray for me so that I can be a self-dependent person. Thanks everyone. Tell me about yourselves


M name is  Naveed Hanif  and i am professnional Graphic designer Photo editing Office design coreldraw flex aid and much more

I am doing my work with Honesty and hardwork

Hi Upward Community,

I am Francis Ekwebelem,from Lagos - Nigeria.I am very pleased to be here, meeting highly motivated members from diverse fields across the world,who are making great impacts as well as new memories,in exchange for the value they bring to the table.I believe as a new member,soon same will be my testimony to share with family members and friends.


My areas of specialities are management in both private and public companies.Practically,I  am involved in skill planning,virtual assistant,quality controlling,jobs and program designing,content creation,articles of awareness, position paper presentations, researching,team management, marketing campaign and product promotions - they basically represent items of deliverables in achieving stated personal or corporate goals and objectives for both establishments and clients.


For me, joining this platform is with the dream and aspirations that personal development is achievable through this noble community as well as income inclusivity.Also that the skills and experience I have are tools in high demand that will continually adds value of mutual interests around the globe,help make new memories and meet friendly others of similar dreams and visions.


Further more,I believe that in spite of the challenges here lies great opportunities that is positioned to enable anyone make a difference, especially via quality service delivery in return for visible satisfaction of self worth.


All that it require is to keep the vision alive and keep honing our skills, abilities and knowledge which are in high demand,it will eventually worth our while.


Thank you for the privilege of allowing me meet great members of this platform.


Francis E.


My name is M Yousuf and I am from Pakistan. I'm an intermediate-level WordPress Website Creator. I've created multiple WordPress websites which include tecpk.com and gharana.pk.


Also, I have expertise in SEO and creating High CTR YouTube Video Thumbnails.


Community Member

hi, my name is jean claude mabulay. am currently a student at the united states international university located in kenya and am new to upwork. i joined upwork inorder to improve on my current skills and build new ones in the long process

Hi I'm Ayesha Amjad I'm new in this plat form I'm from Pakistan


I am a journalist with over 15 years of writing experience across digital (social media platforms), television, print (magazines and newspapers) and radio.


Writing is my passion and I bring alive hidden stories. 

Community Member

I am working in apparel industry with 25years experience of garments and sportswear from cut to pack.I am also a pattern maker and understand a garment from scratch to sample and bulk production of shirt, hoodie,trouser,jacket,pant,shorts,sports bra, leggi,etc.

Community Member

1. I work as a translator I'm from cameroon

2. Better teaching skills

3. Still looking out

Community Member

Hello! I'am Alhafidz and Im new in this platform, I currently live in Indonesia. I working on Design - Architecture - 3d Modelling - Floorplan - etc. Really looking up for the side job, so if there is some opportunities I'll take it.

Im hoping this forum will grant me a lot of new experience and skills, Im eager to learn something new

My fam and my gf is the real inspiration to me, they are the reason why I keep up the good work. 😁

Community Member

Hello everyone. My name is Paulette.  I work in the accounting field as a Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor and reside in the Bahamas. I am a newcomer to the family. I hope to learn from the experiences and expertise of other members and equally share ideas on how we can develop professionally. I am most inspired by 'underdog' stories of people who beat the odds and triumph over obstacles. 


Iam civil engineer.

From istanbul.

Community Member

Hello Everyone , am Rapael From Nigeria ,

working on 3d and 3d graphics 


Actually i joined this platforms to share ideas and learn from others 


what inspired me to that i have skill which will be helpful to others . looking forward to completing my first project on Upwork .

Community Member

Hi Raphael U.

Wow Nigeria. Im a newcomer also.


How do you say hello in you native language?

Community Member

Hello, my name is Carlota.
I am from Venezuela. I specialized in Customer Service. I have an open-minded and willing to learn and take on new challenges.
I believe that sharing experiences enriches people's vision and allows us to discover different perspectives and ways of seeing the world.
Listening to the testimonies of great mentors and learning about their beginnings and everything they have achieved with perseverance, discipline, and vision inspires me to believe that nothing is impossible and that the limits are in our minds, so I think it is necessary to create spaces where we can train our minds to learn new ways of seeing the world.

Community Member

I am Tariq 

Am new in this here i have 17 year experience  of Data entry /pasting /transcriber/video substitle and virtual asisstant work

Community Member

Hello everyone, 


My name is Isabel and I am from Perú but I live in Penssylvania. I am an English Spanish translator and I have over 9 years of experience in this field.

Every person is unique and we can learn something new and share our experience. 


The job opportunities and be hired for great clients and the same I desire for all the freelancer in Upwork. 


Community Member

Hey everyone! My name is Karen De Mesa, a Certified Bookkeeper, and Business Finance Manager from the Philippines. I am looking forward to a prosperous and harmonious future with all of you.

I have fifteen years of experience in the corporate world, including Retail Banking, Treasury, and General Accounting. Since 2017, I have been providing exceptional Bookkeeping and Tax Compliance services to the Rental Property industry. Now, I am excited to announce that I am expanding my horizons and offering my expertise to other service-based industries. I am committed to helping businesses gain financial clarity and take their operations to new heights. I am a big proponent of cloud-based accounting software, and I highly recommend cloud-based accounting software to all my clients.  As much as success stories are inspiring, I hope to learn about your struggles in the freelancing space too. For it is from our mistakes that we become wiser and improve our services for our clients. Freelancing is tough, it has its ups and downs. This is not for everybody. I have learned that the freelancing mindset is very much different from an employee mindset. I am still learning and having a lot of growing pains as I venture into freelancing. But what keeps me going are the kind words and support that I get from fellow freelancers who have struggled in the beginning and are now reaping the fruits of their hard work. They have taught me the virtue of paying it forward. So, I look forward to being in the position of being able to pay it forward and continue the cycle of blessing others.



Karen De Mesa, MICB

Hi Karen, your piece inspires me alot .....

Hoping to learn from my struggles on this freelancing space got me thinking.... Sure you're a great person I will love to learn and blend with...


I roll up to Upwork few months while I started learning the freelancing on Fivver which in my mind was the bigining of life...smiles...


Guess you can relate that feeling of getting your first job done successfully and completed...it's heavenly yah?..


So I felt, yet I wasn't too smart to know every field has it's downs aswell... For no stated reason, my account got deactivated on FIVVER... lol... Have to try again ...after much neglected review I have to move on....then the new game begins ....😊


Upwork 👐


Just completed a work with my first  client here successfully month ago and ever since haven't had any offer ...


My struggle then is, Why is it that all about 20 quality written proposals I sent ain't considered? Not even those I boosted...But offers sent directly by client works better?...


And how can a startup available freelancer like me cope with such job scarsity even at this space?


And how did you'll navigate your ways through 👐...


I am Open to everyone feedback and indept discussion :white_heavy_check_mark: 


Once again, thanks for having you'll here 🥰

Hi everyone,  

I'm Katie, well to tell a lil about me, I'm a 39 year old single mother of 5 very beautiful teenaged girls. We are in the process of starting over which is very challenging. I have been trying to change careers but some of my past experience has been warehouse unloading and loading inventory. I've been Forklift certified for 3 years. I've tried cleaning vacation rental property, which I was spending more on gas than I was making. I thought of and played a lul on my own business but I have been scared of failure. I have had this account and came across a email yesterday and here we are.

I'm open to see where this takes me......

Hi Karen, 


That,s encouraging. We are in the same profession and have worked in the similar industry. Am new here, it is my first time as a freelancer. Patiently, waiting for my first client.




Community Member


I'm new to the Upwork community. My name is Nanribet Cornelius, and I'm a writer, specified in the field of creative writing.

I've been a writer since my highschool years, but I've learnt more about the writing industry and have been solid for three years.

I hope for only the best in this community, alongside positive relationship and transparency.

Community Member

Hi All

Good morning 

My name is Nikitha I am student studying b.com computers final year located in visakhapatnam , India  I have knowledge on tally, c program, ms office ,video editing , html  . I want to delvelop my skills and enthusiastic  to learn new and work I prefer to work hard to be independent financially .

Thank you 

Community Member

I am working in a company as a data entry manager and i am skilled employee in a company as far as i heard about to write something and type something to earn money that's why i am here to earn money from work at home

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