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New here? Please introduce yourself!

Hey all!


Welcome to the Upwork Community! Check out this list of Upwork Community offerings and explore how you can participate, attend events, learn best practices, and become even more successful with Upwork.


To kick start your community journey, we recommend introducing yourself to your fellow. Using the questions we’ve provided (or a style all your own), reply to this post and tell us a little about yourself!


  1. What field do you work in, and where are you located?
  2. What are you hoping to learn from other members? 
  3. What (or who) inspires you?



Hi all,

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Thank you!


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I am a proffitional graphic designer , I got enough experience in computer maintinance & graphic designs training , I have Ability to Work In Team Or Alone , Quack Ability To Learn And Understand , Ready Up On Request to Work All the Time & In Any Where .

Hi, I m Yasar from Turkiye,


I am currently conducting manual tests on various devices on the uTest platform. Prior to this, I have worked in various projects for over 2 years, both in manual and automated testing.


my reporting style when doing manual testing;

1- screenshot

2- video recording

3- log record in txt format

4- Writing all the steps to bug

5. Writing in detail what is actual and expected


see my devices below

Samsung Galaxy A32 android 13

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Android 11

Apple iPhone 5S ıos 12.5.7

Apple iPhone 6S 15.7.7

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Android 6.0.1

AWESOME logo!👊

I'm promise by name, I'm new here but I don't really know much about this ghostwriting.please I need help and guidance

Hi everyone, I am irene from Nairobi, Kenya 

I'm new to Upwork and I'm excited to start working here! I have experience in transcription, data entry and analysis using Excel, and creative content writing. I'm also eager to learn new skills and how to get jobs on this platform.

I'm a hard worker and I'm always willing to go the extra mile. I'm also a good communicator and I'm always willing to help others.

I'm looking for projects that I can use my skills and experience to complete. I'm also interested in learning new skills and expanding my knowledge.

I'm looking forward to connecting with other freelancers and clients on Upwork.

Hi Irene! Welcome to the Community. You learn every day on this platform. I wish you so much success in your career.

Hello Miss Lacey, lets help each other to become successful. 


I am Madiha from Pakistan.I need online job.I want to find a job where I can use my knowledge. Thank you and hoping for any opportunity here.

Same here Madiha I am here for search for online job 

I want to find job where I can earn my own 

I am New here . I want to find a job where I can use my knowledge. i have some knowladge of Data Entry, Biography , Copy Past.  Thank you and hoping for any opportunity here.

Enhance your skills in data entry then you will get more.

I'm Favour by name, I'm new here but I don't know about freelancer. I need your help and guidance

Hey Adebisi, You would first start by working and completing your profile as well as displaying your portofolio for potential clients to see

Hi i'm Cesaltino,i just joined the platform today.

I am specialized in professional typing, product testing, creating e-books and articles, copuwriting, translation as well. I would like to learn more about techniques used for translation, makerting campaign setting up, seo optimization and so on. The creator of  life has been my inspiration for everything , my courage and the reason for being here.


Hello, you are welcome, your logo is great. 👏

Hey Lacey! It's great to meet you and hear about your passion for graphic design. An apprenticeship can be a fantastic way to gain hands-on experience and learn from professionals in the field. To attract your first clients, consider building a strong online presence by creating a portfolio website showcasing your work and sharing it on social media platforms. Networking with other designers and attending local design events can also help you connect with potential clients. Your Michigan-themed graphics and stickers sound awesome! Keep exploring and creating, and your unique style will attract clients who resonate with your work. By the way, your logo looks fantastic! It's a great representation of your design business. Keep up the amazing work, Lacey! If you need any more tips or advice, feel free to ask. 😊

Where can I get more help to find a job 

Hi Anum A, I suggest you join the Academy of this platform. I still can't find a job, but I am learning in the Academy, and believe me, I have detected some things that will help me improve my profile to attract clients. Welcome!

Hey I am new here and looking for job
First experience want chance to show my self and will give my 1000%

I am new here with no experience this is my first time 

Hi, I'm Genn, and I am new here. I am currently looking for a client. I am new in this virtual world. I want to explore new experiences and I hope to learn more. I have Administrative works for 7 years. A 2 year experience in Quickbook navigating like Purchasing, Receiving, Billing, Inventory Encoding, and a bit of background in financial side like doing some reports and generating reports.

Hey Lacey!

It's awesome that you're learning graphic design and looking for an apprenticeship. In Michigan, there are great opportunities to explore. To attract your first clients, consider building a strong online portfolio showcasing your work and promoting it on social media platforms. Networking with other designers and professionals in your area can also help you find potential clients. Your love for being outdoors and creating Michigan-themed graphics and stickers sounds fantastic! Keep exploring your inspirations and incorporating them into your work. Your logo for your design business looks great! Keep up the fantastic work, and I'm here to support you along the way. 😊

Hi Lacey! Welcome. Graphic Design is a career that requires so much creativity, Congratulations!
Nice logo design.

Hi, am new here. Hoping to get jobs,

Hi I'm kids stores books copywrite working job 

Hi! I'm Jitendra Yadav. I've experienced about content writing. I'm from India . 

And I have learnt about (ADCA) Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications.

My family always inspires me. And I'm New here.





Hello, I'm Santa. I am looking for work here and hope to make money. I studied psychology and am currently completing a master's degree in psychology. hope friends can help.

Hi Lacey,

I’m also new to UpWork. In fact, I just saw your post as I’m about to post my “New Here” post.


Anyways, my question comment. I just submitted my iOS version of my social media application (web version:**Edited for Community Guidelines**) to Apple App store. This is kind of a portfolio project so I’m not sure how much money I am ready to put into it. However, my number one criticism is the icon and specifically my icon with no name. Anyways, if you find this project at all inspiring/interesting, I would greatly appreciate your help and gladly link you anywhere you think best to boost your portfolio.


Keep me posted and good luck in your endeavors!


PS. I’m a fan of Lofi too!

I'm a expert in  creative and graphics design in any kind of design you want . I create logo

Hi I am a newly here I want to work


I am Ana and I am professor of serbian language. I am coming from Serbia. I wolud like do write and work on corection of some texts. I am inspired by reading and writing.

I expect to learn how to bee succesful.

I have been working in designs as a hobby bit never have the confidence to offer as a service. Congratulations to you and btw the logo is great. Hope to connect with you 🙂

Hi I am newly here I find the job and I can use my knowledge  there are many opportunities are here can you guide me 

Hello, I'm Rajan, and am associated with vGics Global. We are a team of experienced IT consultants who have vast experience in managing IT Infrastructure Services, Cyber Security, and Cloud Computing for various Industries. 


we are based out in India and our passion is to elevate the IT services user experience for our clients. IT security is in the DNA of every IT service we support.  We believe in being available and proactive to the IT services we manage.




You're welcome 

Hey, I'm equally new here and just starting out on graphic design. How about we accompany each other on this learning curve?

Hi there, am new here, and would want a job in which I can use my knowledge and skills. hope I will get an opportunity.thank you



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