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New here? Please introduce yourself!

Hey all!


Welcome to the Upwork Community! Check out this list of Upwork Community offerings and explore how you can participate, attend events, learn best practices, and become even more successful with Upwork.


To kick start your community journey, we recommend introducing yourself to your fellow. Using the questions we’ve provided (or a style all your own), reply to this post and tell us a little about yourself!


  1. What field do you work in, and where are you located?
  2. What are you hoping to learn from other members? 
  3. What (or who) inspires you?


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Hi! I'm Lacey. I'm learning Graphic Design. I'd love to find some type of apprenticeship. I am in the midwest USA in Michigan. 


I'm hoping to learn to be successful in my career and I'd love to hear from others how to attract first clients. 

Lofi music inspires me when I'm working, but I find inspiration in the things I go and do. I like to be outside a lot and my current project is making a set of Michigan graphics and stickers. My niece inspired canvas work. 


I'm currently studying Logo Design. I attached a copy of my logo for my own design business that I made.

i m loking a claint for some work

Hi I am a newly here. I want to find a job where I can use my knowledge. Thank you and hoping for any opportunity here.

Hey there! Welcome to the community! It's great to have you here. Finding a job where you can use your knowledge is an exciting journey. On platforms like Upwork, you can explore various freelance opportunities that match your skills and interests. Make sure to create a standout profile that highlights your expertise and experience. Don't be afraid to apply for jobs that align with your knowledge and showcase your passion. Keep an eye out for job postings and take the leap when you find a good fit. Wishing you all the best in your job search, and if you need any more guidance, feel free to ask! :briefcase:

Hey Zakia I am new here and find job would u like to help me out 

Hey there! Of course, I'd be happy to help you out . What kind of job are you looking for? Let me know and I'll do my best to assist you!

Any jobs that includes acting nd Art

or maybe an online jobs that pays

Hey Zakia I am new here and find job would u like to help me

Hey i am william a freelancer and i need help please

Hi Zakia plz check my profile and tell me my Mistakes. I don't understand about my profile plz tell me 

Do you want me to look at your profile 

yes i want you to look at my profile please

Hi Donna! 

Could you look at my profile? 

Hi Zakia, I'm a photographer and graphics designer. I would love you to help me find a job. Thank you.

Hello,good day,I'm a professional driver

Hi zakia I want you to help me I'm new here 

Hi, how are you. My dear friend, I am looking for a job about writing, can you help me?

hey zakia will you help me finding job related to amazon listing and ppc 

Hey! Sure, I'd be happy to help you out in finding a job on Upwork. As a graphic designer and content writer with over 5+ years of experience, I can give you some tips and guidance. What specific type of job are you looking for? Let's discuss your interests and skills, and we'll find the perfect match for you! 😊👍


Dance,  designs, Act, Art singing and a writter

im also new 


Hey, I'm new here too but found an easy job to land check out Mystery Shopper they say ten dollars for each job one contract can have a bunch of client reviews.   but you need to be very detailed on every review if you want to keep being sent contracts

hey..!!! whr is mystery shopper need more detail for that..!!!

I am advocate of high Court. I have sixteen years experience in the high Court. 



Love the picture!



I'm also new pls help with any available job

Please I'm new here. 

Hi I'm working copywrite jobs kids stores books

That's awesome, Muhammad W! Working on copywriting for kids' stories and books sounds like a fun and creative job. If you need any help or advice with finding copywriting jobs on Upwork, feel free to ask. I'm here to assist you!

Hi im new here and no idea about copywriting can you help pls

"Thank you so much for the warm welcome and fantastic advice! I'm excited to dive into the world of freelancing on Upwork and put my skills to good use. Creating that standout profile is my next mission, and I'm ready to take on the job hunt with enthusiasm. Your support means a lot! Here's to a successful journey ahead! NewBeginnings"


hi zakia am samuel am new here I want to do academic writtings can you you help me about it please


Hey Samuel! Absolutely, I can help you with academic writing on Upwork. As an experienced content writer, I can give you some tips and guidance on how to get started. Let's chat about your specific goals and requirements, and I'll provide you with some valuable insights to kickstart your academic writing career on Upwork. 

Hii  Zakia   i am new    here  in upwork platform and  open in market  to  work  on online projects like  data  typing,entry..etc  please  can   you  help  to  find any relevant 


Hii I  new on this platforam and I dont know how to find a work plase help me 

i am new here to find a job 

hello zakia, my name is fola, i'm a transcriptionist, i'd love to recieve some type of apprentiship or coaching.

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