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New here? Please introduce yourself!

Hey all!


Welcome to the Upwork Community! Check out this list of Upwork Community offerings and explore how you can participate, attend events, learn best practices, and become even more successful with Upwork.


To kick start your community journey, we recommend introducing yourself to your fellow. Using the questions we’ve provided (or a style all your own), reply to this post and tell us a little about yourself!


  1. What field do you work in, and where are you located?
  2. What are you hoping to learn from other members? 
  3. What (or who) inspires you?



Hi all,


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Thank you!


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AKelvin from Ghana.

I am a freelance and am new to upwork. I know you will all know much as time goes on.

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Hey Andrea, I'm Al Nahian and I work in the field of web development. I'm a Full Stack PHP, Laravel, and Vue developer from Bangladesh.

As I'm very new to Upwork (my journey started yesterday, it's not even 24 hours yet), I'm hoping to learn the best practices, Upwork standards, how to win clients and other related interesting knowledge from other members.


The entire Laravel Community inspires me a lot about my work. But if I want to be more specific, there's a senior programmer I know who inspires and motivates me so much when needed. But the list goes on, and there are many energetic people that inspire me actually.


If you ask me about my immediate goal, then it is to be successful with Upwork! Haha, and that's why I'm here. Wish me luck!


[Sorry, had to edit the reply quite a few times. Didn't knew emojies aren't allowed]

Community Member

My blessings to all here on Up Work. I am greatful to be amongst like minded souls. I can't wait to see all of your talents and expertise. Being around such beautiful people gives me the drive and compassion to take my calling to the next level.

Hope to meet you all soon. Thanks



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**Edited for Community Guidelines**

Hi David!


Very inspiring welcome and thank you for your message. 

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Hello My name is Crystal Sanchez I live in Wisconsin (USA) I have knowledge with translation Spanish to English I also have customers service experience, I'm a Dental assistant, I'm very patient love to help others. I hope have the chance to share and work with you, I'm very open to learn something new . I'm very excited to be here 😊.

Hi, I am Raman deep from India. i can writes poems and articles on general topics. if any one interested contact me. i have done Master Degree in English Language and Literature.

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Hello, everyone! My name is Stefan, and I'm an ICT professional based in Trinidad and Tobago. I have over 15 years of experience leading and completing Agile-based technical solutions development and deployment projects, as an IT Project Manager and Scrum Master for companies in the telecoms, software implementation, financial services and security sectors. I'm excited to be a part of this community and hope to learn best practices and insights from other members. I'm inspired by innovative ideas and passionate people dedicated to delivering quality results.

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Greetings everyone, I am Adel and a newbie here 🙂 i am a aspiring virtual assistant or data entry. i don't have experience yet in this industry but hopefull.  I worked before in uae for 13 years but in food industry.I am currently a stay at home mom of two, so now i was looking for new ways  opportunity to generate income for the three of us:) i hope to find it here, I am hopefull that everyone here will be bless and found fulfillment on our choosen fields.:)

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Hello there Linda Etoru from Uganda, working in hydropower. Am new to Upwork and would like to.build on my skills especially in proofreading. 

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Hi All. My Name is Laura I'm from Namibia. I worked as a Company Secretary and Admin assistant. I am looking for something to do apart from work a 8-5 job, to work from home and earn money. I was looking for some freelance jobs and came accross Upwork community seeking for freelancers for data entry, visual assistance and typing of documents. I am also eager to gain some new skills and to improve on the knowledge I have gained over the years.

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hi, my name is chika obi and i live in lagos Nigeria. am new to upwork and i plan on improving my current skill so as to build new ones and further progress.

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Hi all,


My name is Stephania. I am from Haiti and I leave in the USA. I am a versatile professional in the fields of Translation, Administration, Human Resources, and Finance.  My skills are confidentiality, dynamism, and a sense of organization.  I collaborate with others independent of their background, in a high-performance environment, and conduct business with the utmost discretion and professionalism.  In addition, I’m fluent in Spanish, English, French, and Haitian Creole.

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Good day everyone all over the world.

I am Jacobus here from South Africa. 

Originally, I am in ministry, busy with voluntary work at a Correctional facility under Kairos Prison Ministry here in Krugersdorp Gauteng province, as well as the Emmaus Walk movement where I make use of PowerPoint slides to do talk presentations, which work well for my audiences.

Also, I am doing quarterly reports on MS Word and online templates with lots of features to help my audiences enjoy the input I make.

Here on Upwork, I am at the start of Freelancing more specifically in online Data Entry work with OC R (Optic Character Recognition) which got lots to do with copy & paste, Data Extraction and Editing to suit my client's requirements.

I am looking forward to meeting real people on this platform from whom I can learn extra a lot about using this platform for the best results.

I am pleased to meet you all.

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Hi everyone!! My name is Alicia and I am a bookkeeper with over 15 years experience in finance; located in Chili, New York. Although I signed up with Upwork years ago, this is the first time I am trying to use it. I'm excited to learn how other small businesss bring on new clients and advertise themselves.  I worked in large corporations mainly in the Accounts Receivable department for over 10 years before working at Intuit QuickBooks as a live bookkeeper. Mainly working behind the scenes gave me the confidence to start my own bookkeeping company. Now to bring on the work!! That's the hardest part!! I'm inspired by all the small business owners I've met! Seeing all their hard work pay off when their business grows is amazing to me!!


Glad to meet everyone on here and hoping we can all assist and inspire ach other!

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I am new here....

How does it work

I am a creative graphic designer. This platform is Great!

I am also new and yet have not had a single customer

I am new to this site.

But I have enough experiences of web and mobile development.

how can I do work well this site?

Community Member

Hello, everyone! 


I am a journalist, copywriter, dramaturge, events scriptwriter, zerocode developer, social media marketing specialist and a poet. At the moment packing my bags and looking forward to changing my life in Israel together with my fiance. Obviously striving for a freelance job connected with writing, teaching or creating web products with zero code platforms. I am forever inspired by Steve Jobs as a visioner, creator and entrepreneur, also by some great writers like Ernest Hemingway and some of my courageous friends give me huge inspiration. I would like to find allies here, maybe, a permanent job, a team and an opportunity to grow as a professional.  


Hoping to build new collaborations and develop strong business connections here!  



Community Member

Hello Everyone

My name is Josephat from United Arab Emirate Dubai and i work in teklemarketing, sales, deal closers, real estate consultant and customer services representative industry.

Am open to knowledge and new career learning and hiring oppurtunities on this platform. Hoping to connect with new people too.

Iam Data entry specialist 


Hello Everyone; My name is Awel T and i work in the field of Freelancing, located in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. i specialize in logo makers,video Editing mastering, translation, voice-over editing, advertising, and podcast production. I am also open to sharing ideas and potentially finding job opportunities through interacting with other members on this forum. I believe that collaboration and exchanging knowledge with others can help us grow both professionally and personally. So, I'm hoping to learn from the experiences and expertise of other members and contribute to the community by sharing my own ideas and knowledge. I find inspiration in my desire to be successful, but also from the people in my life who support and motivate me. In particular, I'm inspired by those who have overcome challenges and achieved great things through hard work and determination.



MD sarfin


I am civil engineer.

From Istanbul.

Community Member


I am Sarah,

I am a content writer,

I wanted some tips for designing a good cover letter

Good idea. I want for designing a good cover letter too

Community Member

Hi everyone! I'm based in Virginia. I come with professional experince is in higher education compliance which required writing, data, customer service, and executive support. Now, I'm a stay at home mom looking to do virtual assistance work. I'm hoping other members can help me navigate the Upwork platform. I am get out of bed in the morning to be with the gritty, hustling women who live on dreams, caffine, and chocolate; they are my people and they inspire me.

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hey andrea G, 

my name is hafan 1. located in banglore in India, 

2. to become better at freelancing

3. football player christiano ronaldo .because he  is known for consistency🥵

Community Member

Hello, my name is Suraj, Im in the field of Customer service, data entry, and Virtual Assistant. I want to learn ways to improve and land my first job.

I'm from Nigeria 

Community Member

Hi, It's Dinesh Kumar,

As an auditor, I'm a professional who is responsible for examining and evaluating financial records, systems, and procedures to ensure compliance with laws, regulations, and industry standards. You may work for an accounting firm, government agency, or within a company's internal audit department.

As part of my role, I'm responsible for verifying the accuracy and completeness of financial statements and identifying any discrepancies or irregularities. You may also provide recommendations for improving accounting practices and reducing financial risk.

Attention to detail, strong analytical skills, and the ability to communicate findings effectively are important qualities for a successful auditor. Additionally, a strong understanding of accounting principles and regulations is essential to perform the job competently.

I want to wok in the field of Accounting and Finance through freelancing webiste. to get more information you can directly contact me for the work related querries.


Thank you

Community Member

i'm Hamza from pakistan & Looking for US clients.

I have 5+years of experience and specialize in Lead Generation, Data Mining, Prospect List, Lead List Building, LinkedIn Lead Generation, Contact List Building, Online Research, Data entry, Google Doc, PDF Conversion, Web Research, Web Scraping, Data Extraction, Data mining, Data Scraping, Online research and contact base listing through research. I am an enthusiastic professional virtual assistant with extensive experience in data entry and Lead Generation and able to work 50+ hours per week on Upwork.

I am very honest, reliable, accurate & fast in my work. I am quick to grasp new ideas and concepts and develop creative solutions to problems.

looking forward for feedback donation

Community Member

Hi! I'm Susan. I'm new and enjoy marketing, sales, fundraising and investing. I'm in Dallas, TX.

I love helping others and animals 🙂

Thank you!


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- Hi all! my name is brice. I work as a graphic designer, I come from Cameroon.

- I would like to learn from the expertise of others both professionally and personally.

- my family, friends, and everyone who worked hard to get to the top.

Community Member

1. Solar energy and electric engineering 


2. How to earn good and secure


3. Sincerity and professional work

Community Member

Hi, I'm Thamara, I work in the administrative part, mainly oriented to tributes, but I have held various positions, from administrative management to assistant, I have worked in sales, purchases, billing, payments to suppliers, inventories. I am new when it comes to doing it on my own, since I always worked as an employee. Greetings

Community Member

Greetings, my name is Autumn Brown, and I work in the virtual assistant industry based in Dover, Ohio. I am keen on exploring online job opportunities and earning from the comfort of my home. I am motivated by individuals who have succeeded in making a living from home.

Community Member

Hi, I'm Isaac and am new to upwork. I joined upwork so as to gain experience in the skills I'm good at.

Community Member

Hey, all. My name is Oscar.

I have developed games for 7years but I came here "upwork" first time.

I just want to help other's jobs and also thoughtout that I could improve my IT developing technology.

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