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New here? Please introduce yourself!

Hey all!


Welcome to the Upwork Community! Check out this list of Upwork Community offerings and explore how you can participate, attend events, learn best practices, and become even more successful with Upwork.


To kick start your community journey, we recommend introducing yourself to your fellow. Using the questions we’ve provided (or a style all your own), reply to this post and tell us a little about yourself!


  1. What field do you work in, and where are you located?
  2. What are you hoping to learn from other members? 
  3. What (or who) inspires you?


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Community Manager

Hi all,

This thread has been closed from further replies due to its size. We appreciate your participation in the Community and welcome you to continue the conversation on this new thread.

Thank you!


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Hi guys, 



Hi Im charilyn from philippines,The field in receptionist and administration is focused on providing administrative support and managing the front desk area. am always eager to learn from other members to broaden my knowledge, gain new perspectives, and discover different experiences. I am inspired by acts of kindness, resilience, and the pursuit of personal growth. Ultimately, it is the small moments of joy, connection, and self-discovery that inspire me in personal matters. offcourse my family and my petsss<3

Community Member

Hi! Very new in this😉. My homebase is Philippines. I am looking forward to learn how each one lands job thru Upwork.

My neice inspired me to be in here and I saw in her lifestyle, the convinience and life-work balance that she is enjoying.


Community Member

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Mohit Shekhawat, and I am writing to express my enthusiasm for the freelance opportunities available within your esteemed company on Upwork. As a highly motivated and skilled professional, I am eager to contribute my expertise and commitment to delivering top-notch results.

Community Member

Hello everyone! 👋


I'm excited to be part of this community. As a VA with experience in Quality Assurance Management, Project Management, and direct assistance, I bring a diverse skill set to the table. I am currently based in the Philippines.


What field do you work in, and where are you located? I specialize in virtual assistance with a focus on Quality Assurance and Project Management. Being situated in the Philippines allows me to adapt to various time zones seamlessly.


What are you hoping to learn from other members? I'm eager to learn more about the innovative approaches and strategies that fellow members employ in their roles. Sharing insights on effective virtual assistance, QA, and project management practices can contribute to our collective growth and success.


What (or who) inspires you? I find inspiration in the constant evolution of technology and its impact on our daily lives. Additionally, the dedication and creativity of individuals in the virtual assistance and project management fields inspire me to continuously improve and adapt.


On a personal note, I've been actively applying on Upwork for opportunities but haven't secured my first client yet. I would greatly appreciate any advice or assistance from the community in navigating the platform successfully.


Looking forward to engaging with all of you and learning from your experiences! 😊

Community Member

Am cyrillus and I'm an audio transcriber.

I'd like to expand my career and am ready to hear from the community on the ways of attracting my clients..

I feel I'm in the right place and thank you for the opportunity.

Community Member

Hello my name is Irshad Ali From Pakistan. Iam a proofreader of English languge content writer, Data entry worker videos editor. I am a new please give me work. Your tody help will make my futhure thanks

Community Member

Hello, I am Priyanka located in India .


I am a highly organized and efficient virtual assistant with over 10 years of experience in providing administrative and creative support to businesses of all sizes.


I am proficient in a wide range of software applications, including Microsoft Office and social media platforms. I am also a skilled project manager and have experience managing multiple projects simultaneously. -

Skills -

1. Administrative tasks - Email management - Appointment scheduling - Travel arrangements - Data entry, etc.

2. Semi-Technical support - Website management, - Social media management - Content writing, etc.

3. Creative Services - Copywriting - Editing - Proofreading, etc.

4. Project management - Time management, - Task delegation, etc. - Availability - Available to work remotely from anywhere in the world.


Flexible hours to accommodate organisational needs.

Community Member

Hi All,


I'm Jayson and new in the freelancing industry. I am currently practicing Auditing here in the Philippines and hoping to start my career as a freelancer and open the opportunity to work from home. 😁

Community Member

Hello everyone my name is Karen Shelton I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio

What I'm here looking to learn new and exciting and extra money

I don't remember the guy I saw on tik tok but he sure did make me want to check it out

Thank you for letting me joint y'all commuity.

Community Member

Hi! I'm Iryna and I'm new here!  I'm working with botanic and children's book illustrations in both watercolor and pencildrawing also a little bit in digital art. Currently I've located in Ukraine. I hope the other members will share with me the experience of begining of their journey and hope find new interesting friends. 

Community Member

Hi, I'm a beginner frontend developer who loves creating websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React. I've also dabbled in building sites with Wix and WordPress.


I hope toBuild a sincere relationships with other frontend developers can lead to new opportunities, such as job offers, collaborations, and mentorship.


I have always been inspired by my neighbor, who is now also my boss. They have been a guiding influence in my professional journey, teaching me everything I know today. Their mentorship has not only shaped my skills but also instilled in me a drive for continuous learning and growth.

Community Member

Hi! I'm Idara. I'm a virtual assistant, I'm here to find a client 

Community Member

Sadia Shahbaz here from Karachi, Pakistan.

I am a teacher in a school and a software engineer but new in doing something online.. Need help from all of you to learn how to have my first job ..

Community Member

Hello everyone. I am new to upwork and would like to collaborate with all of you for importan resources, events or any help. I am from India and looking up for client projects here. I have more than 6 years of experience in web designing and development. My inspiration is my mother and my family. She is no more with me but I believe she will be very happy whenever I will achieve my goals.

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Screenshot 01.jpgScreenshot 02.pngHI there...


I am Shahidul haque...need a lill help form you....i created upwork profile using loging with google options. now a profile has been created and im not able to log in... (showing pic number 1 as errors)...and if log on from my upwork mail access link this is showing pic ture no 02. now how to proceed.......... can you help me out...??

Hi Shahidul,


It appears you haven't finished creating your profile. Could you try clearing your browser cache and cookies? Try logging in again after you've done that and let us know if the issue persists. 

~ Luiggi
Community Member

My friend recommend Upwork website so I can start looking for online jobs. I am currently working in Singapore and soon my work permit will expire. So I'm trying my luck to find new opportunities here as virtual assistant. Do you have any suggestions on how I can improve my profile? Really clueless on how to make a project and attract clients. Hope you can help a newbie here in this platform. Thank you.

Community Member

Hi, i am Miriam from Kenya in Africa . I am looking for a job as a content editor and proof reader. I'm a nurse by profession and am an passionate reader. I am looking to expand mt skills and gain some tokens. this is all new to me, kindly assist.

Community Member

Hi! I am Elizabeth. I am a teacher and i live and work in Kenya.I am hoping to learn a lot of new things from the other members and I am greatly inspired by all the forerunners in upwork.

Community Member

Hey all,


I am excited as i am starting new journey in upwork. I am sure i will find new work on upwork platform, with my knowledge and experience, also i am excited for new jobs which i dont have experience but i wanted to try as part time.


**Edited for Community Guidelines**

Community Member

hi i can promote your insta and tiktok account with real organic followers at low price

contact me at insta : **Edited for community guidelines**

Community Member

Hey,I'm New here, looking for data entry jobs, advertising and marketing jobs . 


Community Member

Hello everyone!


I'm Nouman Hayat, and I'm excited to join the Upwork Community! With 5 years of experience in SEO optimization, content writing, and WordPress development, I'm eager to connect with like-minded professionals and learn from their expertise.


I work remotely and am passionate about staying updated with the latest trends and techniques in digital marketing. I'm here to share my knowledge and learn from others in the community.


𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐜𝐚𝐧 𝐯𝐢𝐞𝐰 𝐦𝐲 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐭𝐞 𝐒𝐄𝐎 𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐟𝐨𝐥𝐢𝐨

**Edited for Community Guidelines**


Looking forward to engaging with you all.


Feel free to adjust as needed!

Community Member

Hey there!


I am Anurag Shinde and I am a Design Engineering student, currently located in Jaipur, India. I am looking for opportunities related to CAD modeling and designing.


I think upwork commuity will help me to boost my knowledge through the fellow members as well.


Engineers inspires me the most, the way they make things happen is just phenomenal.



Community Member

I specialize in employee performance management and possess expertise in data processing and entry. Based in Ethiopia, I am eager to learn effective strategies for securing jobs and achieving success.




Community Member

Hey there,

I am Lennah from Kenya-a certified public accountant with more than ten years experience in Finance work environments. I have preference for credit control and accounts receivables function. Am also passionate about writing.

I am here to network, share, learn from others and explore opportunities in remote work environments that can give me flexible working hours.

My inspiration is from family and music.

Community Member

I am.new here ,I have over 15 years of sales experience in the automobile sector in Nigeria.

Interested in any sales related job openings in Nigeria or any part of the world. 


Community Member

Buenos Dias I am initiating myself  to start as  Data Entry, and having some experience and achievements to see to become a Virtual Assistant and to achieve this I require a lot of your help aagradezco much to allow  participate rn rn this community.


From the other members of this community I hope to learn a lot by putting everything on my part and now I am trying to start with small jobs to achieve knowledge to enter fully into the field of the  ONLINE WORKERS

 What inspires me what inspires me is to see  so many people working from any location and being self-employed and much more to have been able to get into this platform believe me I thought I could not achieve it but my dream is to CERTIFY 

Community Member

Hi so my name is shirly Rohine Singh from Trinidad in the Caribbean ....and I got my first job...completed it but is being asked for a VAT CODE.....I need help urgently can anyone advice if you are in a caribbean country and have gone through the process...or is this code a worldwide vat code that is not locally granted ....need help


Hi Shirly,


A real client will never ask you to give them money to start working, cash a check for them, work for free, or provide your personal information. In addition, communicating outside of Upwork before a contract begins is a violation of the Terms of Service, and a client suggesting this is a typical red flag. You may open yourself up to scams or fraud and lose Upwork Payment Protection.


Whenever you encounter these situations, please report them using the available flagging options so the team can investigate further. Please take some time to read through this article for more information on how you can stay safe on Upwork.

~ Luiggi
Community Member

Hi, I'm Patricia from Venezuela. I want to work as an editor, transcriber and assistant, I would like you to support me in my beginnings on the platform

Community Member

hi, I am Rakesh Mondal. I am currently working as a digital marketer. I would like you to support me in my beginning of the platform. Thank you in advance.

Community Member

I am excited to move forward to new endeavors.  My end game is to create a new business for Event Coordination and Promotion in Colorado.  I will need to supplement my income as I move away from corporate employment and move into freelance work and ownership.


I am highly skilled in Communications, Client Relations, Account Management, and Space Design.  I strive for greatness in all things I do and believe that my creativity and desire to entertain can no longer be stifled.  


As I work hard to create a new tomorrow for me I will work hard for any company that requires my level of skill and offers an at home flexible schedule.


I look forward to learning how to help clients with specific short term needs around my skill sets.


Kim Fox


I'm rooting for your success Kimberly. I know you will do great things. If I come across a client who needs Client Relations, Account Management and Space Design., I'll be sure to connect them with you. 🙂

Community Member



My name is Kasie. I am from a small town right out side of San Antonio Texas called Elmendorf. Currently I am working for a nationwide company called XPEL and I could not be any happier here. I looking to make some money on the side to better my finances. I wish to purchase a house one day. My mother inspires me to be the best person that I can be. 


Thank you and I can't wait to see what Upwork brings me



Community Member

1.  I have worked for more than 15 years in community development for a non-profit making organization promoting human rights, governance, accountability, democracy, active citizenship and women empowerment. I am in Chitungwiza Zimbabwe

2. I hope to learn about how other members have succeded in using upwork. I also hope to perfect the Front End Web design skills I learnt with Treehouse. 

3. I am inspired by creative and hard working individuals. 

Community Member

Hi [Name of recipient/company name],

I'm a strategic planner based in Lima, Peru, with expertise in crafting action plans and driving business success.

  • Develop strategic roadmaps & clear objectives.
  • Ensure smooth project execution & measurable results.
  • High level teams are ver stimulating for me. 
  • I am interested in Buiness Analytics and AI for entrepeneurs.

I'm passionate about helping businesses thrive

Community Member

Subject: Business Strategy & Digital Enthusiast

Dear Andrea,

I support SMEs in business & strategic planning, with a focus on action plans. I'm eager to leverage my experience across industries and learn more about digital marketing, e-commerce, and data analytics.

I'm particularly motivated by high-performing teams. Let's discuss potential collaborations.


Andres Duany

Community Member

hello, greetings to all I am new to the platform and I would like to find a job in which is customer service, I speak Spanish and I am also open to all kinds of work I hope you can help me thank you very much.

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