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New here? Please introduce yourself!

Hey all!


Welcome to the Upwork Community! Check out this list of Upwork Community offerings and explore how you can participate, attend events, learn best practices, and become even more successful with Upwork.


To kick start your community journey, we recommend introducing yourself to your fellow. Using the questions we’ve provided (or a style all your own), reply to this post and tell us a little about yourself!


  1. What field do you work in, and where are you located?
  2. What are you hoping to learn from other members? 
  3. What (or who) inspires you?


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Community Manager

Hi all,

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Thank you!


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I am mechanical engineer I have 2 year experience in drafting in saudia arbia I am located on Saudi now

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Hallo Team,


My naMe is Julia Abraham. I live in Nairobi, Kenya. I am currently learning and doing alot of social media marketing and management work but professionally am a Customer support. You need a social media chatter or comentor reach out to me. I have experience with the $1.80 strategy on Istagram that boosts followers and engagement on your page.
I am mostly hoping to learn about Content creation. Different creators perspectives and tools they use to make it easy.
What Insires me is my Faith in God and just Knowing there is a higher power looking over and directing me.

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Hello Everyone

I am an experienced lawyer having 10+ year's experience in United States litigation. I am from India. I worked as a Senior Legal Associated in an LPO based in India.  I have experience in legal drafting and legal research using Lexis Nexis software.  I have drafted various Complaints, Answers, Motions such Motion for Summary Judgment. Motion to Dismiss. Motion to Quash, Legal Research Memos, Appellate Briefs name a few.
I have dealt in US Immigration law also.  I have filled various USCIS forms, drafted Asylym Briefs.  
I am looking forward for legal work from United States. Anybody here can help me.

Community Member

Hello everyone,

I'm excited to join the Upwork Community! I'm a 3D artist from Pakistan, and I'm passionate about creating stunning visual experiences through my work. I've been freelancing on Upwork for a while now, and I'm looking forward to connecting with fellow artists and professionals in the field.

I hope to learn from other members about the latest trends and techniques in 3D artistry. It's essential for me to stay up-to-date with industry best practices to continue delivering high-quality work to my clients.

As for what inspires me, it's the limitless possibilities of the digital canvas and the power of creativity. The ability to transform ideas into tangible, immersive worlds is truly inspiring, and I'm constantly motivated to push my boundaries and create something extraordinary.

I'm thrilled to be a part of this community and can't wait to engage with all of you. Let's share our knowledge, inspire each other, and grow together as professionals in the world of freelance 3D artistry.

Looking forward to connecting and collaborating with you all!

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Hi friend,

I'm yosi, I lived in indonesia. I am a student of english education. I'm here for be a freelancer because I need and I want to make money by my own.
I love writing. writing is fun for me, it make me refresh my brain like something make me stress or presure about somthing, I need to writing. Writing make me feel free, out of stress. That's why I come here to look for freelance of copy writing and I hope what I do for now can be my new experience. 

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Hi. Im Mbauwo, a qualified Editor, broadcaster and news specialist. Im looking for clients who want help with editorial work. Thank you

Community Member

  • Hi I am content writer English and uru korean
Community Member

Am a content creators, book written and a relationship experts. Right now Am located in Nigeria.

Am hoping to learn everything I can learn like their method, what kind of writing do they prefer and just everything here because am new and with almost everything. 

New to everything. 

My inspiration came for my country and hoping to give my kinds a better life.

Community Member

Hello to everyone!  My name is Dave and I've been voicing for many years. 

I'll start with where I'm from.  I live in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.  It's probably easiest to say that I'm about an hour or so west of Toronto, ON., Canada. I have had several jobs so far in my young life.  I have worked for a few radio stations in Southern Ontario both as a host and co-host.  But, voicing has always been a part if not 100% of what I do.  

In the context of what will I learn from others here on Upwork?  I have no idea.  But, I will take any direction, criticism, or counselling and help that anyone has to offer.

As far as who inspires me?  Oh man, some so many people & characters have already influenced what I do.  Those people who do inspire me aren't the individuals who people usually look up to in the sense of inspiration.  Robin Williams is one of the people/characters that I look to for inspiration.  Even though he is no longer with us - I still "draw" from his creative energy and wit.  As for the "what" inspires me?  Just knowing that at any given time I can receive a text or email to voice something for someone's project.  That definitely gets my juices flowing! lol. 

So, I'll leave it like this.  If you're looking for a deep, baritone, soothing voice with excellent diction, enunciation and pronunciation?  You've found your guy.  However, there is so much more to me than what you read here.  Check out my demo reels to hear straight reads, voice accents, character voices etc...  I am a complete package.  Ready to work for YOU! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and getting to know a little bit about me. 

Cheers, - D. Currie  


Community Member

Exited to join a community of freelancers and hoping to connect with members as we reach out for our career goals opportunities together. 

Community Member

Hi everyone, I'm new. I'm in the Dominican Republic and yes, I'd really like you to help me 🙏🏽I'm learning marketing 

Community Member

Hi! I'm Dennis from Ghana. I joined upwork recently and I'm starting to familiarize myself with how it works. Glad to meet ya'll in this community. I'm hoping to receive your help in my dream career as an accomplished freelancer on Upwork. I am skilled in academic writing, editing, copy and pasting as well as retyping. I hope to find assistance from you to begin my career here.

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Hi, this is Aman. I am from India and i have recently come back from Japan where i stayed for 3 years.

I am working in the field of providing technical support, virtual assistance,social media management , appointment setting and customer service.

I wish to connect with everyone and build a community where i can be helpful to others. I also wish to learn the art of finding projects and the art of selling my services to prospective clients.

I find my inspiration from everyday workers like us ,the entrepreneurs,the farmers,the business men and nature.




I am Agnes Adeniji a Data Entry Specialist.
Thank you
Community Member

Hello everyone, 

I am new here, I don't about the rules of the community. So please guide me . what to do? and what not to do?


Community Member

I 'm a typing expert  and  translate english into burmese and also all type of data entry in excel.

Community Member

🖐Hi, there, I am Phoebe who can make you speak Chinese confidently

- 3 years teaching experience

- Full-time Chinese teacher

- Certificated Chinese teacher

- 100% Customized Lessons according to your needs

- Friendly for 0 Beginner & different levels & Children's Chinese/HSK teaching

- Good at guiding students to speak, customized courses

- My hobbies: travel, music, reading etc.

- Super Passionate and Patient

- Graduate from Teacher-training University

- National Putonghua Certificate, Grade 1, Grade B

- A wealth of electronic textbooks for class use


Community Member

My name is ogunsanya kayode

Community Member

Hi! I'm Nafis Imtiaz. I'm learning content writing, Email Management, Management skills, Email, and Blog. I'd love to find some type of apprenticeship, job, and experience. I am in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 


I'd like to understand how to get first clients from others to be successful in my career.

Lofi's music inspires me while I work, but I also find inspiration in the things I do. I spend a lot of time outside, and my current hobby is writing a book. I was inspired by my habit of writing dairy.


I'm currently working on my Facebook page.

Community Member


Im sudha studying 1st year bca 

This part time work for  continue my education n'd to help my family

I'm new candidate for this field I have no Idea but I'm very interested and exited to learn.nd gain knowledge  and  very needed 

to  help my family I located in thumkur district  n'd  I hope  learn more knowledge some other  and  get good habits but sorry I don't have any inspire man I'm located in village I hope will get inspired and motivated person in this field .

N'd I hope 

Community Member

H! My name is Francis Chigozie. I work as a Software Developer - Backend Java Enterprise Application. I am located in Baden-Wutenberg, Germany. I am looking forward to a collaborative work as a Freelance. 

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Hi everyone. I am Adri from South Africa. Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself. I am excited to explore the world of freelancing and put my skills and experience to good use. I am interested in finding work as  Virtual Assistant, Transcriptionist & Data Entry Clerk. I hope to learn tips and advice from other community members on this platform. What inspires me the most is to have an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to a larger goal. Grant Cardone said: "Go the extra mile - there's no one on it".

Community Member

I'm looking for a client for some typing job

Community Member

I am Translator and Writer. I am located in Pakistan 

Community Member

New here? Please introduce yourself! @My name is Tiffany and I look forward to getting to know everyone that I can. I'm hoping to gain any tips, knowledge, and any experiences that I can. I wanted to join to help earn at least a little extra money for me to have on the side and to be able to utilize my knowledge & skills to do that. I love to do any & most paperwork. I like to type, proofread, edit, and help anyone who needs it and I'm hoping to get jobs  that will help me feel productive, so hopefully we'll all get lucky and start to gets jobs

Thank you,
Tiffany Artiaga
Community Member

Hi my name is sumera khanum 

Hi Sumerakhanum,
Welcome to Upwork! I see that you have recently registered on Upwork. We’re here to help you navigate the world of online work. Let’s start with the basics here at Upwork. Below there are a few Upwork Academy courses to help you get started:
Additionally, feel free to sign up for upcoming events and webinars to learn more about how you can boost your success on Upwork. We hope you find these online resources useful in your Upwork journey.
- Pradeep
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**Edited for Community Guidelines**


My name is Lynn and I live in Los Angeles.  I'm a 4th generation professional musician and play trombone with a 70's horn band called The Gringos.  I'm also a long time real estate broker working in the field of Real Estate Investment.  I've been designing for both my band and my real estate business for the past 4 decades and my skills all revolve around sales, marketing and promotion.  My real estate investment business is struggeling and not doing very well currently, but the band is about to release it's third studio Album, (There is a gap of 45 years in between #2 and #3 but that's a story for another time.)  I would love to help other people in the sales world with their promotions and sales stratagies. Looking forward to finding some success in this new venture, and with a bit of help from this community, I think we all can be successful.  I've included the band's most recent single release from the upcoming album, titled RIDE.  I produced the lyric video as well as played trombone on the track. The cover art is by Jen Score, sister-in-law to the band's drummer.

Community Member

FB_IMG_1672197363260.jpgHi Andrea my name is zubair and am from mutan Pakistan and I am a writer and translator

Community Member

Hey I am Nkwain Lesly. I live in Cameroon

I am a Web Développer and desktop

Full stack django Nextjs with 3 years of experience.


I hope to learn aws and azure how to create pipeline Devoos






Community Member

Hi everyone! My name is Kayla and I'm an attorney based out of the great (lol) state of Alabama. My skill sets focus on legal work (obviously), but I also really enjoy proofreading and copywriting. I'd love to learn from more experiened members, just how they found success in getting jobs and building a steady stream of work invites. I would say the people that inspire are people just like the ones on Upwork who are tackling this new frontier of remote/flex work in order to either find a full-time job, make a little side money or just hone their skills in a new field. 

Community Member

Hello all    I am Jacquie and I am a pretty good writer and would like some work doing writing projects for sure.  I have a lot of administration in my background so have the skills people need to get things done for them.  I am organized (usuallly lol!) and I have a lot of time on my hands right now so I hope to get started with something real soon,

I want to learn how to use all my skills in many areas because they are all transferable.  So, teach me please peoples. Help me to be inspired by you and by me every day.


Community Member

Hi, I am Pratik Ghag.

I am a software developer with expertise in .NET. I am located in Mumbai, India.

I hoping to learn how to get leads or manage clients.


Looking forward to hear from you all and maybe contributing something from my end.

Community Member

Hi fellow Upworkers,

I am new to this environment, I do however have many years of presentation skill involving visual and written materials. Over 20 years experience dealing with clients, managing and resolving client issues as well as general client service and retention. 

I am super excited to join this platform and look forward to being a part of the Upwork organization. Willing to take on any challenge to help me gain experience in the field and build a client base as well as add to my resume.

Best regards to you all, Mark.


Community Member

Hi all,

I did just send an introduction a short while back, but will just say a few words again. My experience extends beyond 20 years dealing directly with clients, presenting products, managing queries and questions as well as objections. Also managing and resolving complaints, client service and retention.

Although new to this line, I feel I have plenty to offer our community as well as our clients. Looking forward to becoming a valuable member and gaining experience as well as adding to my resume.

Best regards, Mark

Community Member

1.I am working As a power BI developer, I also work on SQL .

I am located in pune.

2. To visualize ,ETL,Modelling etc

Community Member

Good day! Im genelito im new here. I want to find a job that suits in my career as a data encoder/data analys and a computer literate and im willing to learn some new talent to explore my self. Thank you.


Community Member

Hi, I am Vishma sai. I'm from India. I am presently a student in dental school. I am also taking up graphic design courses via Udemy. In my 5 years of dental school, I have designed various scientific research posters and presentations, pamphlets, academic conference brochures, and certificates, and curated a lot of artwork for college fests and other areas and I did designed and illustrate a calender as a gift for someone. Recently I designed a few tea coasters as a part of Public health education project for a friend. I have added the images for refrence
Now, I'm looking forwqard to upskill myself via udemy and learning design and illustration professionally so that I could monetize on my skills and earn a little on the side. 

Community Member

I practice dispensing spectacles as per prescription in my retail outlet 

I am located in Mumbai India 

I am open to learn anything from anyone 



Community Member

Hello, My name is Nurudeen, I am a Data Analyst and I am new to Upwork 

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