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New here? Please introduce yourself!

Hey all!


Welcome to the Upwork Community! Check out this list of Upwork Community offerings and explore how you can participate, attend events, learn best practices, and become even more successful with Upwork.


To kick start your community journey, we recommend introducing yourself to your fellow. Using the questions we’ve provided (or a style all your own), reply to this post and tell us a little about yourself!


  1. What field do you work in, and where are you located?
  2. What are you hoping to learn from other members? 
  3. What (or who) inspires you?


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Community Manager

Hi all,

This thread has been closed from further replies due to its size. We appreciate your participation in the Community and welcome you to continue the conversation on this new thread.

Thank you!


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Hello Nurudeen,


Great to see you on Upwork! Click the Academy link for tips on using the site.

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Hello, I am Muhammad. I live in Uganda. I work in the field of writing and electronic marketing. I hope to learn more skills from other members, gain experience, and develop more than myself and my field of work. My source of inspiration is my dreams, as my dreams guide me towards the path!

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Happy Monday all,

I am an experienced freelancer, currently residing in France but of Belgian Nationality. I have over 15 years of experience as a remote, independent worker and worked myself up from VA to COO for some of my projects. I am here to learn from all of you and to share my own experiences.

Have an excellent start of the week!

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Hi! I'm Patience. Per my field of study I can work as virtual assistant, data entry specialist or transcriber. Am very proficient in Microsoft Office Suite. I'm in West Africa, Ghana.


I'm hoping to learn from others how to attract my first clients and to be successful in my Upwork career.


Becoming a better version of myself inspires me always to learn new skills and embrace new tasks.

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im sara from lahore i know about the data entry and learning about content writing so i want to work on them and earn it.


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Hi am Elcy, I'm learning education arts. 

I'm from Nairobi , Kenya.Im hoping to learn to be successful in my career and I would love to hear from others how to attract first clients.

I find inspiration in the things I do, I like teaching and drawing .I'm currently studying education arts.

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I am Vivek from India. I am an MBA graduate and an experienced Data Analyst and Power BI developer. I have contributed to over 15 projects, collaborating with global clients from India, Australia, and Sweden. 

I know MS Excel, Power BI, DAX, Power Query, SQL, Python, Power Automate, Power Pivot, Tableau, Zoho, Mailchimp, and Zapier.

I want to learn more about Business intelligence and I am open to collaboration. Thank you

Hi Vivek: Congrats on your skills. I am studying Power BI, and Dashboards in Excel are very interesting. I don't have it in my profile because I don't have certificates yet.


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Hi, Are you looking for a creative Designer for redrawing, tracing, vectorizing your logo, images to vector, editing vector files, any design, screen printing design, and illustration high-resolution?

Congratulation! You are in the right place now! Over 12+ years of working experience at the industry level With Unique Experience, with Photoshop/ Illustrator, redrawing, vectorizing logos, any design, and screen printing design. Your satisfaction is my goal, so I am confident to complete your logo/design with the best quality and the fastest.




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I'm new in content writing.

To gain knowledge and skills on how online writing is done.

I love teamwork.


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Hi, I'm Ahmed Bilal from Pakistan.

I'm working in data analysis and VA. Using the recommended tools like MS Excel, Google sheets, Power bi, etc.

I wanna learn professional attitude for being a successful freelance on Upwork. Moreover, I'm trying to align my skills with client's requirements. 

I'm hopefull and excited to learm from this community.

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I work in the field of photography and I'm from Mauretania. I hope to learn a lot about my field from the other members. My inspiration is Andrea.

I work in the field of photography and I'm from Mauretania. I hope to learn a lot about my field from the other members. My inspiration is Andrea.
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Hi, I am seeking work in product management. I am in Sarasota, Florida.  I would like to learn how you started your consulting businesses. I have sold two businesses that I started from the ground up.  

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I m inspire 

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Hi Andrea,
I work as Service Engineer at NAMEL in Abuja, Nigeria. I'am looking forward to learning how to utilize my skills in drafting and computer aided design to earn as a side hustle. 
Also, I some digital marketing skills that I will like to deploy to help business meet their revenue generation strategy objectives while earning. However, I notice some of the opening are not open to persons from Nigeria, please can you he;lp with getting my first job either as a CAD designer or a digital marketer.
Thank you for the privilege.

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  1. What field do you work in, and where are you located?- Being a mining profesional Basic jobs in exploves, blasting, quarrying, mine plan, environment management plan,Mine clouser plan, blast design aprt from these Quora space writing articles on work life balnce, health, drawing, paintings, peblle art and many more like content writing, AI related work etc.
  2. What are you hoping to learn from other members? - Definatly want learn best practices, learning about the upwork, its procedure and get start, confidance development, new ideas and lot. 
  3. What (or who) inspires you?- Ispiration deveped by self to enter new environment of AI.

I want to learn the work of Contant Rathore. My name is Shahzaib and I am from Malik Pakistan Province Punjab District Sargodha. Please help me

Community Member

Hi there! I'm shahzaib

], a passionate and versatile content writer with a knack for turning ideas into engaging, informative, and SEO-friendly content. With [X] years of experience in the field, I've crafted content for diverse industries, from technology and finance to lifestyle and travel. My love for words goes beyond just writing; I also thrive on research and staying up-to-date with industry trends to deliver content that resonates with your target audience. Let's collaborate to bring your brand's story to life through compelling content that drives results.




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1. Data Analysis, currently located in gothernberg , Sweden (Nationality -Indian)

2. Data Analysis

3.interest in learning new things

I do not understand the work that I have done

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I want to learn the work of Contant Righter. My name is Shahzaib and I am  country from  Pakistan Province Punjab District Sargodha. Please help me

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Hello, I am Abdur Rahim Tushar and I am from Bangladesh, I am learning Web designing and i am glad to learn more items. I have no experience at up work but i am confident that i can do my best at any project.

thank you

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Hello, my name is Yara and I'm a digital marketer with a year of experience as a social media specialist. My position included creating Facebook and Instagram pages, posting advertising, and responding to consumer comments and messages.

I did, however, design the page logo because I am proficient in Adobe Photoshop.

I received a certificate in 1-digital marketing and e-commerce foundations.

2- Use digital marketing to attract and engage customers.

I've learned about the

-SEO (search engine marketing)

-SEO (search engine optimization)

- Google AdWords


I'm hoping to get my first job as a digital marketer.

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I am a new trader here and for my part, I promise that working with me is enjoyable 

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My Name is OBASI CHINWENDU VIVIAN am a contents writer, a ghostwriter 

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Greetings to the Upwork Community - Eager to Thrive in Digital Marketing!

My name is Tanya, and I am here with a fervent commitment to explore, excel, and thrive in the digital marketing industry.

My journey on Upwork is driven by three key objectives:

  1. Finding Opportunities: I am here to discover exciting job opportunities in the vast realm of digital marketing. My passion for this field fuels my eagerness to contribute my skills and creativity to projects that make a difference.

  2. Lifelong Learning: In the fast-paced digital landscape, continuous learning is essential. I am dedicated to acquiring new skills, exploring emerging trends, and broadening my knowledge base. Learning from industry experts and peers is a priority on my career path.

  3. Scaling My Career: My ultimate goal is to not just build a career but to scale it to new heights. I aspire to take on challenging projects, deliver exceptional results, and grow as a professional while making valuable connections in this thriving community.

I am genuinely excited about the incredible opportunities that Upwork offers to connect with clients, collaborators, and mentors who share my enthusiasm for digital marketing. Together, we can create remarkable projects and drive innovation in this ever-evolving industry.

Thank you for welcoming me into this vibrant community. I look forward to collaborating, learning, and achieving great things together.

Warm regards,

Tanya Spedding

Synergy Digital Marketing solutions, LLC.

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Hi, I'm Tulio Macedo, from Brazil.


I'm a frontend developer, currently working with:

  • Vuejs
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Tailwindcss
  • And some more...


I'm trying to find some freelance working to improve my skills and earn some money (of course).

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I am new to this platform and am a sports agent and a customer service professional. A certified digital marketing expert.  I did love to learn to edit videos and graphic design. 

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Hello everybody I am a new member.  I am starting a new online business consultation and training profile.  I am still learning and l am open to suggestions. I have been a trainer and consultant for 15 years and l have many years of corporate experience. 

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Hi, I'm Reed.

I'm a software developer based in the bay area. Hoping to learn how to get jobs here! 

Inspired by nature sounds. 

Community Member

Hi thank you for welcoming. Nice to meet you all guys

nice to meet you Cherline

Tural Babashov
Community Member

Hi Everyone!

My name is Christy and I have been freelancing in Product Development since 2019 (apparel, accessories, and other CPGs). I have been lucky to have found work through personal connections for a while, but feeling ready to expand my circle and share my talents with others. My background is in Fashion Design and Fine Art, and my career path has been very hands on with sourcing and in factories which is why I consider myself more of a product developer rather than a designer. Graphics and design are in my blood though, and I love doing creative projects when asked or even in my free time. I'm hoping that through this forum I can learn any tips and tricks on how best to utilize this platform to find work, or even how people prefer to work through here. Thanks in advance and I'm looking forward to connecting!



Good day maam..im hoping that you help me to find a job that suits in my career..im a data analys/data encoder..my specialty is SAP and ERP..im a computer literate good in excel for filing files ..Hope that if your looking for a partimer im willing to help you with your product.Thank you and more power.Godbless


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Hello I am Patricia Lemus, I offer my services as administrative and accounting assistant in various branches, using the necessary tools to expedite the work such as zendezk, freshdesk, texspander, google drive, google docs, slack, zoom, asana, infinity, Treloc, copydier, chapgpt, lumen5, canva, Apollo.io, Meet Alfred, social networks, Linfedlin, digital marketing, among others, I investigate and learn if I do not know the tool to perform the task without problem, such as:
- Customer service
- Data Entry
- Virtual Assistant
- Content writing
- Lead generation

I hope to receive and support all the members of this platform and move forward together.

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Good day. Im a new member .im willing to learn some new ideas and explore my self in Upword..I hope that i can find a job in this community to help my family to give their needs..Any task or job will do as long about data analys,data encoder,typing excel and words,technical support..about computer as i do..just message me if you have a job or task you gave me..just pm me it is a big help for me and for my family if you give me  a chane to work with you..Thanks in advance and Godbless..

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I'm in Alberta, Canada. 

I'm chasing the dream of becoming a freelancer at my age and having more quality time at home. 

I have experience in Events, Customer service, Sales, Personal Assistant, Administrative Assistant and much more. 

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