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New here? Please introduce yourself!

Hey all!


Welcome to the Upwork Community! Check out this list of Upwork Community offerings and explore how you can participate, attend events, learn best practices, and become even more successful with Upwork.


To kick start your community journey, we recommend introducing yourself to your fellow. Using the questions we’ve provided (or a style all your own), reply to this post and tell us a little about yourself!


  1. What field do you work in, and where are you located?
  2. What are you hoping to learn from other members? 
  3. What (or who) inspires you?


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Community Member

I work in writing cintent i located in pakistan

Community Member

I am new here so plz help me how to work on upwork i dnt know how to work on upwork so plz tell me about this website i can earn money from this platform.

Community Member

Hey all!

I'm  Adnan from Nairobi - kenya. I'm  a Typist and language translator for Swahili, Arabic, Nubi(sudan) and somali looking forward to join the Upwork communty. My ambton s to learn for the communty on wayds tosharpen my typng skills in asssting others with small tasks. 

Community Member

Right now I have no experience for this kind of worl but I'm very interested as Dropshipping niche thats why always search of videos this works. Although i have search and watch videos pertaining to this career I still cant get my first client. It always ask for experience for this kind of work. Hope that one day I can find client that willing to accept me even a newbie here


Community Member

please help to search my first client they give some work to content writting.

Community Member

What field do you work in, and where are you located? 

1. for now im not working. im from cebu philippines


What are you hoping to learn from other members? 

2. I want to learn experiences from them, because they have been in our work for a long time


What (or who) inspires you?

3. My son and my family. Because I'm a single dad


Community Member

Hello Upwork Community.

I am Jirah from the Philippines. 
Content writing and Graphics Design were a long dream for me. They fueled me to where I am now, a Mass Communication practitioner and a Freelance Content Creator.


I am glad that I was introduced to this platform for me to improve my skills and learn with different types of people from all over the world. 
I look forward to working with you all


**Edited for Community Guidelines**

Community Member

Hi iam Abdul sattar iam from pakistan iam expert to translate other language and  hand writing work ihave 20 experince in these work 

Ineed job 

Thank you

Community Member

Hi everyone,


My name is Kayla and I am a Virtual Assistant working out of Southwestern Ontario. I have been in the Office Administration / Administrative Assistant role for approximately 7 years. Everything from answering phone calls to finance work and everything in between.  I am very excited to connect with and bounce ideas, advice, and opinions off of the other members. I am also very excited to learn from all the other members. I would have to say that I get my inspiration from my family - my husband and my brother. The 3 of us are extremely close and those 2 always inspire me to do better, think things through better, just all around be a better human. 


I look forward to chatting with other members in the near future and wish you all the very best in all your future endeavours. 

Community Member

Hi all!


I just joined Upwork after being recommended to join by a new connection to both help build up my portfolio and do something productive with my time while I look for full time positions!


I am currently located in New Jersey and I have 6 years of customer service experience, however I am hoping to follow my BA in Film and Media studies and build up my marketing, social media management, and public relations skills. My most recent full time role was 100% remote so I am very comfortable with remote work of any kind- I am open to trying new things. I am excited for new opportunities and hopefully new connections as well! 


The one who inspires me the most is my cat, Billy. He is playful, relaxed, and never worrying about what comes next- everything I aspire to be in this world. 🙂

Community Member

Good Afternoon,


My Name is Dr. Rodolfo Zayas, a highly experienced and dedicated professional in the field of medicine, with a diverse skill set encompassing research, university education, patient care, and an extensive knowledge base in Pharmacology, Epidemiology, Biology, Microbiology, Pathology, Business Administration, Medical Law and Ethics, and Entrepreneurship.

**Medical Background and Expertise:**

Over the course of my career, I have amassed seven years of invaluable experience in the medical field, distinguishing myself in several key areas:

- **Research**: My passion for medical research has driven me to actively contribute to advancements in healthcare. I have participated in numerous research projects, published articles in esteemed medical journals, and consistently demonstrated a commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical knowledge.

- **University Education**: As an educator, I have had the privilege of shaping the next generation of medical professionals. My role as a university lecturer has allowed me to impart knowledge, inspire young minds, and foster a deep understanding of medical principles among students.

- **Patient Care**: My clinical experience includes providing exceptional patient care, where I have demonstrated empathy, compassion, and a commitment to improving patient outcomes. This hands-on experience has given me a profound understanding of the practical aspects of medicine.

- **Diverse Expertise**: With a broad range of expertise in Pharmacology, Epidemiology, Biology, Microbiology, Pathology, Business Administration, Medical Law and Ethics, and Entrepreneurship, I possess a unique skill set that allows me to approach medical challenges from multiple angles and contribute to innovative solutions.

**Collaborative Opportunities:**

I am reaching out with a keen interest in exploring collaborative opportunities within your organization or project. My extensive knowledge and experience can be a valuable asset in various capacities, whether it be as a consultant, researcher, educator, or advisor.

**How Can We Collaborate?**

I am open to discussing potential collaborations in the following areas, among others:

- Research initiatives
- Curriculum development and educational programs
- Clinical and patient care projects
- Healthcare administration and management
- Entrepreneurial ventures in the healthcare sector


I am excited about the potential synergies that can arise from our collaboration and the positive impact we can create in the field of medicine. If you believe that my expertise aligns with your organization's goals or if you see opportunities for us to work together, I would welcome the opportunity to connect and explore these possibilities further.

Please feel free to reach out to me at [Your Contact Information], and I would be delighted to schedule a meeting at your convenience to discuss how we can move forward together.

Thank you for considering this proposal request. I look forward to the possibility of working together to advance the field of medicine and improve healthcare outcomes.


Dr. Rodolfo Zayas

Community Member

dr cartoon, fox

Community Member

Hey everyone! My name is Katelyn! I'm a SAHM and live with my husband, my infant son, and two dogs. Looking to work from home to take care of my son! 

Community Member

Hello, I am Zainab and I recently moved to Finland.

Back in my home country, I have had five years of professional experience in Project and Administrative Assistantship.

I am new to freelancing and I would love to get gigs as a virtual  assistant. 


I hope to learn how to get my first gigs from the community. 


Other outstanding professionals inspire me a lot and I hope to be a very productive member of the Upwork community. 


Thank you!

Community Member

Hi all, I am Julius from Philippines and I am new to Upwork and though I already registered last year it's just this month that I have decided to focus seriously on Freelancing by honing up my skill sets as well us studying the ins and outs of Upwork Freelancing.  

It's great to be here and Thank you 👍

Community Member

Hey I'm Tanvir Alvi

I have a lot of experience about photography and other online site like translation,content writing ,blog write etc 

I'm New here and Submitted 3 proposal they Could not send me massage.

Now my connects is 0 i can't send Proposal.

if you help me i will thankfull too you



Community Member

Hey I'm Tanvir Alvi From Bangladesh

I have a lot of experience about photography and other online site like translation,content writing ,blog write etc 

I'm New here and Submitted 3 proposal they Could not send me massage.

Now my connects is 0 i can't send Proposal.

if you help me i will thankfull too you




I'm also new here and need direction aswell
Community Member

Hello I'm Naveed Ahmed

I'm new here please help me this platform

Community Member

Hi! I'm Conrad. I'm Systems engineer with bias in IT infrustructure. I am located in Nairobi, Kenya. 

I'm hoping to network and collaborate with other members so as to improve on my skills and be attractive to potential clients

I am motivated by innovation, as it gives me a sense of accomplishment and it's something that I can look back on and say "I achieved that". I like to find out new technologies and challenge responsibilities with practical involvement to improve on skills acquired and participate in a professional manner in the development of modern I.C.T products/services.

Community Member

Hi everyone! Glad to be here and eager to learn and make use of this great resource of freelancers.

I'm an Instructional / Educational Designer - I specifically design and develop curriculums, workshops, and classes / modules within any industry, working with Subject Matter Experts to help them best deliver their educational motives.

I based between Mumbai, India and Melbourne Australia.

I'm hoping to get advice on how to best utilise this platform and how to make my own profile look better.

Community Member

Greetings UpWork Community from Welland Ontario, Canada.   My background is in Organizational Effectiveness, Strategic HR Business Consulting, Coaching, Process Improvement, People and Culture development.  I hope to connect with all the wonderfully divese people to learn their story, how they are creating success and abundance for themselves and how they have learned to use UpWork to support their dreams and objectives. 


Community Member

Hi Andrea, Hi everyone, 

I'm Flavia, a French communication assistant. I work from France (Chartres) and my speciality is Storytelling. I love to tell stories ! I'm here actually because I'm new and I wish to know more how the platform works (connects, the applications system...). I never applied for international platform before, so I'm experimenting now 🙂 

Who inspires me ? So, it's funny that question because, right now I'm reading a book in portuguese from a brazilian guy named Rick Chester. He was a street water seller, and one day, Rick posted a youtube video where he explain how he makes money selling bottles of water on the beach of Copacabana. This video became viral and in only 4 months, Rick became a Worldwilde recognized speaker and entrepreneur reference. He also made a conference in Harvard. 

Community Member

Hi this is Ramazan writing. I am appreciate to be Community Member in up work.

 I am an Architectural designer who is livin in İstanbul/Türkiye. 

Community Member

hello everyone, 

i am a interested in web development and graphics design. I am located in Cameroon. and i will be very open with the way i feel. actually designers in my country feel bad about given the truth about their background since we think we wont be able to get a job because of my countriess reputation and other factors that makes clients so skeptical about us. I really hope to change that kind ideology  by joining this forum, so i can work hard with other members and build the confidence with the communities out of my country for a more trusted ground for busines opportunities and job openings espeially for the people in my field of work. 


i will love to improve more on my software development skills especilaly on javascript and also to contribute my best in ideas and development strategies where ever need may be with other members. I have never had a client to work with, so the whole thing about working online is just a still not real to me.

Community Member

I have a variety of experience   clerical. administrative looking for remote work from customer service to possibly sales. I've worked for a Temp Agency as Staffing COORDINATOR,  payroll clerk to used car dealership as office coordinator.  I've done personal body guard and security.  Looking for stable opportunity with growth.

Community Member

I'm Md. Abdul Latif. I am a Data Entry  Expert. I pride myself on being a well-organized, dedicated, and detail-oriented professional with a strong work ethic. With a passion for providing top-notch services, I'm here to assist you in a variety of data-related tasks and lead generation activities.

Community Member

Hi, I am Kaye. I am a not so new into upwork but just connecting to freelancers like me. Not as a competitor but as a network I can learn and impart my knowledge too. 

Community Member

Hi 👋 I'm Faisal Iqbal From Pakistan

I am a proffitional graphic designer , I got enough experience in computer maintinance & graphic designs training , I have Ability to Work In Team Or Alone , Quack Ability To Learn And Understand , Ready Up On Request to Work All the Time & In Any Where .
1 . Photo editing
2 . Photo groping
3 . Begrawond
4 . Video editing
5 . Video begrawond
6 . Tiktok account motawition
7 . Online meetings
8 . Online calls lms
9 . Logos
10 . And work



Community Member

Hello, I'm Claudia, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I worked for many years as Project Manager and General Manager in the textile industry and also in an audiovisual production company. I have experience in managing calendars, budgets, administrative and logistics tasks and I am very good at solving problems.
The company I worked for closed and I am looking for a job and open to continue learning and contributing to the fulfillment of tasks and jobs that require my services.

Community Member

Hi everyoone!

I am Margo, from Kyiv, Ukraine.

I have no experience at UpWork and will try to take my first order.

I can do:

- Banner design
- PDFs for Workbooks, Guides, and Lead Magnets
- Blog/Social Media Graphics

I am not sure that in my portfolio have enough work.. and I dont know how to start here..

Using for inspiring Behance and Pinterest 🤗

Would like to make new friends) 

Community Member

Hello Upwork Community,

I'm Anik, and I'm thrilled to be a part of this vibrant community of freelancers and clients. As a front-end developer with a passion for crafting beautiful and user-friendly web interfaces, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself.

👨‍💻 About Me:

I have 2 of experience in the world of web development, and I specialize in creating stunning and responsive websites that not only look great but also provide exceptional user experiences. I live in Bangladesh and I hope I can build my career as a freelancer on Upwork.

:briefcase: My Skills:

  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • React.js, Next.js
  • Responsive Web Design
  • UI/UX Design Principles
  • Version Control (Git)
  • Frontend Performance Optimization
  • TailwindCSS

:globe_with_meridians: Portfolio:**Edited for Community Guidelines**

Community Member

  • I'm NEW HERE .
Community Member

I am a stay at home mom looking to make money to help out my family. I live in Kentwood, Mi and am a wife of 16years and a mother of two awesome boys ages 14 and 5. I am hoping to leanr new things and help others the bes tway that I can. I love to do art, read and play video games. My kids inspire me, they are ehat keeps me going, through the good tiems and the bad.

Community Member

Hi! I'm Matt Lambert and I'm a communications and marketing professional with a long an diverse resume - from being an award winning journalist to working in higher education. I'm adept at all forms of communications - social and digital media, printed marketing materials and project management. I currently live in Louisville, KY and am interested in finding freelance opportunities, since my last position got elimniated. I was hoping that the community could help me tailor my profile so I can find the right opportunities that fit my skill set. I am passionate about creating content that is compelling, eye-catching, and "move the needle." I also am proficient at podcasts and video production.

Community Member

I am a professional Graphics and UI/UX Designer and I have 8 years’ experience. I can work on all various aspects of design, traditional branding, marketing, and advertising, as well as, web and mobile UI design. I have the skills working with a team with coordination and cooperation. A fast learner who picks up new skills quickly. Self-educated, self-motivated and versatile person I have been working with Progressive companies where I moreover groomed my skills with trends. I love finding creative solutions through technology and design, while maintaining superb quality.


I am from Lahore Pakisan and i work in design field
I am eager and **bleep** keen to learn the UX design skills from other members.

There are alot who inspire me and thework of UI/UX is the inspiration as to create a thoughtful, decent and unique design

Community Member

I have no work as of now, I only manage small business here like Online Seller  thats why I'm finding a work. I live in Linamon lanao del Norte Philippines. I'm hoping to learn from others members here is how to get a job here and how to learn about this apps. I've inspired with my nephew because he got an  achievements with this app!

Community Member


Hello Community my name is Jose Segovia, I'm from Houston, Texas.  I am Professional Photograper and Digital retoucher with more than of 30 years of exprience.  I hope to learn a lot from other members, their experience and achievements.  Your advice will be very important and valuable.

They inspire me with the sense of purpose, personal fulfillment, recognition, and the desire to achieve professional growth.


Thank you


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