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New here? Please introduce yourself!

Hey all!


Welcome to the Upwork Community! Check out this list of Upwork Community offerings and explore how you can participate, attend events, learn best practices, and become even more successful with Upwork.


To kick start your community journey, we recommend introducing yourself to your fellow. Using the questions we’ve provided (or a style all your own), reply to this post and tell us a little about yourself!


  1. What field do you work in, and where are you located?
  2. What are you hoping to learn from other members? 
  3. What (or who) inspires you?


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Community Member

Hello I am Goodluck Chiemela Ogbonna. I work as a customer care support in one of the firm and also learning graphic design in Nigeria. 

I love to learn to become successful as a freelancer  and I will love to hear from others on how to attract first clients as a freelancer.


Listening to stories about life inspires me,my current project is making me to travel from one State to another.


I'm currently studying Logo Design. I attached a copy of my logo for my own design business that I made.

Goodluck Chiemela Ogbonna
Community Member

Hey guys. I've just joined. I'm a UI Designer from London that specialises in Figma. I've been doing this for quite a while now, and by 'a while', I remember when websites were designed in photoshop and Macromedia Flash was all the rage (This should give you an indication of my age...40...it's 40 😁).


I joined Upwork to start building my own fate with my career and moving away from corporate ladder, freeing me to design the way I love to. I'm sure there are a few of you that this resonates with so would love to hear more of your experience and how you're making it work.


Anybody wants to say hello, please do...I love a good chat 😊

Community Member

Hello, Every one, My name is Mukhtar Lawan, I'm living in Nigeria, I'm new here on this platform, it is my pleasure to be here with you all. Thank

Community Member

1 graphics design,and I am located in Nigeria

2 to earn money to eat

3 the way these app behave is good

Community Member

Hey, my name is Jaime Andres Castilla, I'm from Colombia, and I'm currently in Bogota. Ready to start sharing my knowledge as a Bilingual agent specialist. 

Community Member

I'm looking for a client for some work need

visit my profile


Community Member

Hello, I'm Eden. I have experience in customer service, sales and client retention. I'm looking for work . I'm in Kampala, Uganda.

Community Member

Hi, I'm Rachelle, I have 7 plus years of Call center experience, and I want to familiarize myself with the tools and applications that remote jobs require. I am looking for customer service jobs and upselling. I love talking to people. I want to be inspired in this community and learn new things. I would love to hear from others their success stories in working remotely. I also want to develop more skills to be able to attract clients. I'm from the Philippines.

Community Member

hi I will do your job to the best of my ability. I am here to keep the client safe. I am a hardworking freelancer. 

Community Member


Am new here my name is Janet, and am here to learn and to earn 

Community Member

Hi, I am Melanie. I'm hear to experience working online, I'm new but willing to learn and attend trainings. Eyeing to become a VA.
Hoping to cope with this kind of working environment. I am new to online job. You guys inspire me the most, I've read and watch many freelancers working online having successful career at their own comfort. Thanks for this opp.

Community Member

My name is Usama Iqbal can you help me for upwork job  

Community Member

Hi All ! 

I am new to Upwork and very excited to come onboard 🙂 

Hoping to learn and expand my network throughout my journey! 

Any tips, advice are welcomed - thank you! 

hey trisha i'm also new on the upwork 

best wishes...

Community Member

Hi I am Mustafa Hatim from Mombasa Kenya..

I am experienced accountant and also qualified copywriter from AWAI (American Writers And Artists Inc

I hope to learn from other members about best practices in upwork

I am inspired by Craig Ballantyne of Early To Rise





This is Sharif from Bangladesh. How are you?

Community Member

Hi, I am Azka- Social Media Marketer and Manager. I am from Pakistan. I want to get my first client so i can build my portfolio. I believe in continuous learning and creativity.

Community Member

Hi, am Peris from Kenya. Am new in upwork and begging in transcription. Have done some courses but would appreciate to be guided on how to go about submitting good proposals to get a job. 

Community Member

Hi Mates,


I am Sharif from Bangladesh and started my journey here recently. I have experience in designing, SEO, Affiliate marketing, Video Editing. I am expecting guidance from the expertise to generate my earning from here.  Thanks for advising any upcoming events and news in advance.

Community Member

Hi Mates,


This is Sharif from Bangladesh. Newbie here..

Community Member

Hi  I am Shailesh I am new here 

I want to job  help me 

My hobby is product prompted 

Community Member

Hi, Andrea.

Hope all is well with you.

I'm new to Upwork as a freelancer, and excited to be here.

Let me answer your questions.

1. I am located in the US.

2. I would like to learn:

  • Upwork rules
  • Work ethic on Upwork
  • How to become successful on Upwork
  • How to get a job
  • Best practices for completing a job successfully
  • How to keep good relationship with clients
  • How to recognize a scam
  • and much more.

3. I was inspired by the benefits of remote jobs. 🙂


Ashok G.

Community Member


Am Mohammad Waqas

Copywrite working job kids stores 

Community Member

Thanks a lot for your information.

Community Member

I am a content writer and my profile is 45% complete how can I go about it. Like I want to buid something outstanding to avoid inconviniencies. I am inspired by my lecture who has dynamic skills in his field.

I also want to edit my profile photo since it is not appealing.

Community Member

Hi! I'm Pauline. I was admitted to Upwork yesterday; it feels good to be here. I work in Copywriting, still learning the ropes, though. And I hope to meet great minds in the field. I'm imspired by talented writers and adding value to humanity drives me. I reside in Nigeria.

Community Member

Hi all, I am new to Upwork and excited to get my first contract. I am based in the UK and have worked as a digital marketing expert for the past 10 years now. I have always worked for corporate companies and now have decided to do something different, which brings me here! 


I would love to connect with other Upwork freelancers to learn the ropes, get some good advice on how to win work and potentially collaboarate. Feel free to reply to this message or send me a direct message if you wish to network.


I am inspired by learning and growing. I am all about self development and experiencing new things. It would be great to meet like minded people and share knowledge and experience. Definitely all for a supportive community!

Community Member

I'm a new joiner in this community and hope now I will know all new updates from this community



Sorder Russell
Community Member

Hi! I'm Louise. I am a photographer from Sweden. I have worked alone with my photography career for over three years. I have photoshoots with people I know and then post the results on social media and I'd like to learn how to attract other clients and make my own brand bigger on social media.  I am looking for people that want to collaborate on doing photoshoots together.


Taking pictures is always something I have liked to do, ever since my dad bought me mig first little camera. In the beginning it was for fun but I've grown to love it more and more and now I really want to make it my business.

My inspiration is the work I do and the results I get. The feeling of getting that good picture or seeing other people appreciate my work, that’s the most exciting part of it.


Most of the times I photograph people so below I have attached a photo I personally like very much.

Community Member

I need support Everyone.😊

Shefali, if you say you're a writer, you can't use ChatGPT to generate the description on your profile with grammar mistakes. 

If you want to succeed as a freelancer, you need to master a skill and become a specialist in a field you're providing services in. 

Also go through the Academy, because you're a perfect profile for scammers.


Good luck!

Community Member

i am professional seo expert

Community Member

Hi everyone one I m new here, arham from Pakistan come to learning new things & to explore my skills

Community Member

Hi, I'm Allen from western Massachusetts. I'm a freelance developer of custom desktop software applications. I've been freelancing for 13 years, I've always found my own projects through referrals, but thought I'd see what I can find here. Good to meet everyone!

Community Member


Welcome abroad

Community Member

Hey! I am here newbee for upwork. Please help to find jobs in relevant fields.

Community Member

Hi! I'm Ajmuda.  I'm new here. Please help to find jobs in relevant fields. 


Keep on trying and learning, like me...

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