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New member in Online IT Support

Hi Evryone,


I'm a new member, and I'm looking for a job in Online IT support, what should I do to find it? Can someone please help me?

Thanks in Advance.


Community Member

Hi Sitec! 

There are two steps you should take! First, set up your profile and account to show how much you charge and what your experience is. 

Then, start looking for jobs! You can do that by going to the homepage, and in the search bar, type in your keyword term (i.e., "Online IT support" and click "enter."  I did it just now and found 166 jobs. (See image below)

When you find a job that sounds interesting, click on the title of it. Read about it. If it's something you want to work on, you can click on "Submit Proposal." If it something you want to think about and look at later, you can click on "Save Job." 

See screenshots below.

Hi Christine,

Thank you for your responses and clear explications.
I'l will do what you said.

Thanks again

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