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New to Freelancing

Happy 2023 to all that read this! My name is Emily and I'm looking to branch out a career in freelancing! I'm currently located in South Wales. I've spent the last 10 years working in customer based environments, whether that be providing a level of service/support face to face or over the phone. I have a keen interest in well being and promoting positive mental health practises. I enjoy helping others due to having an extremely empathetic nature, but also having overcome previous struggles myself, I find this a great way to relate to clients due to the nature of the struggles most face in todays modern world. I take pride and care with all tasks undertaken and I'm more than willing to go the extra mile to ensure a consistent level of service is maintained. 

I'm looking for any guidance or advice anyone may have for someone like myself starting out. Any resources that would be beneficial for me to take a look at, I'm all ears! 

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Appreciated! Keep going on work on skills and give your best you will achieve better position oneday.

Thank you for the advice, massively appreciated! 

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