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New to UpWOrk

Hello Everyone, I am new here.


Any tips would be highly appreciated. I was working online but sadly the company closed down and with that so did I.

How does one get "employed" 

Any advise is welcomed.


Many thanks,



Hi Chloe,


Thank you for your message. I checked your account and do not see any active jobs on your Upwork account. Please make sure you accept an offer from the client on Upwork before you start working on the job.


Thank you,




Hello Pradeep, I have had a few job offers but they have all been scams..

Hi Chloe,

Thank you for reaching out. I understand the frustration but I'd like to assure you that our Trust & Safety team is aware of the problem and is taking it seriously. They are working to address the issues, including higher than usual volumes of scam posts, and constantly changing methods of scam accounts. Feel free to check an update in this post for more information about the team's efforts around addressing these issues.

~ AJ

Hi Chloe, I had a quick look at your profile, which I think needs more definition. You should avoid words like "go-getter" and "Jack of all trades" (for the latter anyway, I would suggest you are a Jill rather than a Jack - but I could be wrong!) All the same they are the kinds of words that are not only meaningless as far as skills are concerned they also attract scammers. 


I think you need to offer a specific skill (or skills) so that you can focus on the sort of jobs you are likely to bid on.  The way bidding and the connects system works on the site, could make random bidding expensive, if you simply try for any job you think you could do. You have put marketing as as skill and yet your background suggests you are more an educationist. 

University degrees are generally proof of some specialist areas, so perhaps you should mention the disciplines you studied. 


Before you start bidding make sure you know  how the site works. If you scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Help and Support", you'll find many articles on how to get started. 


One of the most important rules to remember is that it is an absolute no-no to accept payment of any kind away from Upwork  from a client who finds you on the site. Beginners are often targeted by spammers who offer to pay for equipment or dodgy crypto payments, or promise to pay after work has been delivered etc. and they often lose a great deal of money by accepting.  So do read the small print first. 

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