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New to Upwork & Need Clarification, Please

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Cheryl G Member Since: May 26, 2018
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Hi Preston,


Thank you for your message.  I appreciate your words and comments.  Everyone is new at some point, and this is my introduction to the way things work at Upwork! All good things to know, and yes, most definitely lessons have been learned by yours truly.


My intention when I asked my question today was to understand how the scoring works.  Moving forward I will ask about turnaround times as Petra noted; further, I will realize that the client's point of view in providing scores is subjective.  This helps a lot in the way I will view feedback.  


Thank you, Preston; the gentle chastising wasn't expected, but I have learned valuable information from it and am grateful for it.





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Cheryl G Member Since: May 26, 2018
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Hi Petra,


Excellent advice and I shall heed it moving forward.  


Thank you also for the comment about the score; another thing I will keep in mind. 


I really appreciate your advice, Petra.

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Kathy T Member Since: Jul 17, 2015
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Cheryl, - First IMO I would not ask a client to change their feedback. To me, that's being unprofessional.

You got a 4.85 star review. That is excellent. Every client has a different interpretation on ratings. For one client a 5 star review might mean excellent work but to another it might mean Extraordinary, beyond perfection. That client may never give any freelancer a 5 start rating.


Also, a client may give you a 5 star rating, which is your public rating, but give you a very low rating for the private rating, and that's what effects your JSS score.


I would advise you to to be very happey with the rating you got from this client. And be prepared, in the future, you might get a very low rate no matter how good your work is because you can't please everyone.