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New to Upwork - some questions regarding profile and proposals

Ace Contributor
Laetitia S Member Since: Jun 18, 2020
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Hello, everyone,
I am new to upwork and am unsure about some points:
- I am a copywriter and write and correct only texts in German language. That's why I have created a profile in German language. What do you think? Would it be better to write my profile in English? Are there perhaps clients who are looking for a German-speaking copywriter but do not understand German themselves?
- I live in Switzerland and have completed further training courses here accordingly. The diplomas that I have acquired cannot be found in the list under "certifications". I have tried to supplement my diplomas, but it does not work. Can anyone help me? Qualification certificates would be important I guess.
- I have already applied for several jobs. And I read all the tips regarding what is important to write and how to write it. Some jobs just disappear from my list of proposals without me knowing why. Is that normal?
- I am "Rising talent" and read that there is a special support for these members. How do I reach this?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Laetitia,


Just to clarify that it is not allowed to have your profile listed in another language. Please translate it to English before you proceed with sending proposals. 

Regarding your certification, if the certification is not our list you will have an option to suggest it. In the meantime you can add it as a portfolio item and clients will be able to view it. 

Regarding your proposals, you might want to check your Archived tab. When a job is closed or a proposal is declined it will be transferred from your Active tab to the Archived tab. Thank you.

Ace Contributor
Laetitia S Member Since: Jun 18, 2020
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Thank you very much for your help. I will update my profile and hope, that I will then get more jobs.