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New to Upwork, some questions

Just started with the service recently. Only got one job under my belt so far but looking to get more! Excited about Upwork since I have a varied skillset and I am hoping to make full use of it.


1. I was recommended this guide **Edited for Community Guidelines**  but I'm not sure to what degree I agree with it? He's really aggressive and recommends specializing. Would you agree?


2. How long on average does it take to get replies back from clients? I sent a bunch of proposals out but I haven't received many replies. (it was a day or two)


3. Any other good strategies and tips you might recommend a newcomer?

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Don't expect replies to your proposals. Just submit and move on.  It's a lovely surprise when the client gets back to you!


The client initially only sees the first two or three lines of your profile and your proposal.  Don't waste this valuable space by introducing yourself.  Stress your experience and  expertise in your field and in a proposal, address the client's needs immediately.


Be patient.  It takes a while to get traction on the platform.

Also, take some tests in your field.  If you don't do well, you can hide the results.

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Hi, I don't work in translation, but I think it will help clients find you more easily if you specify the languages you translate from and to in your profile title and/or description.
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Thanks to all for your replies! Good suggestions.


However I'm still wondering if I should specialize or talk about my wide skill-set. What do you all think?

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