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New to Upwork

I have submitted several proposals with no responses.Can someone help me out in this matter

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Nishant,


I see that you are new to Upwork. Feel free to check out these resources we put together to help freelancers to get to a safe and successful start.

Freelancer's Manual, Writing proposalsImprove profile, Tips on how to be successful, and Safety tips.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
Community Member

Hi Nishant,

Having seen your profile, I would like to suggest the following:

  • Fix the title. "Job Seeker" is no way a good title. Please make it professional- include your most known skill in the title and show how good you are at them. 
  • Give your profile overview a professional look too. This is the place where you can give the clients an idea in detail- describe your skills well, tell how can be a good choice, how efficiently and timely you can deliver the desired output. 
  • Add better portfolios that really can impress clients.


  • While applying, apply only to the jobs that you are confident to do well- complete well.
  • Make your cover letter professionally sound. Highlight the key desired points on the job description and tell how can you be a great fit. 

Best of luck.

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