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New to Upwork



I am new to Upwork, a profile review and feedback will be appreciated.


Thank you.

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Hi Eleanor,


Thank you for your question. To create an outstanding Upwork profile that wins a lot of clients, there are a few things you can do:


1. Edit your bio/services description. I like the way you structured it. However, there are some spelling mistakes. Make sure you check your grammar and update the content.


2. Add as many related skills as possible.


3. A video as intro is a great idea and will help attracting new projects, although the one you posted sometimes breaks or is hard to hear. There's also some background noise. If it's possible to record it again now or in the near future, I strongly advise so. I believe the information you gave your potential new clients in that video was amazing, you covered everything from availability to the tools you use, so that was very informative.

4. Choose a professional profile picture, I feel like the current one lacks clarity.

5. Add at least one "Other experiences" item. It could be anything, a contest you participated in, a design project, etc. It's important for that section to show up.

6. Golden ticket to success: invite past clients to write a testimonial via email. There's a testimonial section when completing your profile, use it if you can, it will do wonders for your profile.

7. Link socials (at least one), helps with your credibility.

8. Make sure you get verified, and you have a 100% profile completion.


Best wishes,


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