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New to Upwork

Hello, I'm new to Upwork. I have been wondering if by any chance my connect is finished, will there be a way top up my connect other than using money. Unfortuantely i have limited money so im scared if i applied for jobs but no one hire me, I will ran out of connect eventually. So later on i cant apply anymore jobs or send any proposal due to the lack of connect and money.


Please help enlighten me with any ideas or a solution to this problem of mine. 

I sincerely thank you. Much appreciated

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Hi Ahmad!

I don't see a way. Only thing you can do about it, is applying for jobs that require 1 or 2 connects.
If you are serious about freelancing, don't be afraid to invest.

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Ahmad! First improve your profile by reviewing products, websites, and other things you can review, then apply to job listings.


Hi Ahmad,


Thank you for your message. You receive ten free Connects every month at the beginning of your billing cycle and bonuses for every interview you win. We will send you a notification in Upwork (notification bell) and an email when you earn free Connects. For more information on how this works, check out our guide here.
Thank you,

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