New to this

I am new to this as of today, I sent a proposal and was asked if interested in position.  He has asked me to purchase a bunch of things and asked for my phone number and email and address and states he has never paid for his workers on this site should I be leary?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Jaynie,


The job you are describing is in violation of Upwork ToS and most likely is a scam. We'll have the job reviewed shortly and the team will take actions as necessary.


Please, note that a client has to hire you on Upwork and you shouldn't do any work for them until you see a job under My Jobs tab. All the payments need to go through Upwork as well.


Since you are new, I strongly advise that you check resources linked to this post and especially Safety First! section.

~ Valeria




You'll look back at these questions at laugh.


Just understand that we're not laughing at you... You encountered the same type of scammer "client" that often tries to trick newbie into sending them money. Upwork always kicks them off the site. But they create new accounts using fake names.


So, as you now realize, of course no legitimate cient asks for your money.


That doesn't make sense, right? You came here to earn money, and then a client asks you to send THEM money.


That's like going to a restaurant and then the waiter asks you to cook dinner for him.