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Hi! I was wondering if this client was legit. Beacause I got a message here in Upwork and he sent me a message it directs to a link (Telegram) and we start the conversation there. I got the file and started workin on it. But I came back in Upwork, the message is gone and even his post is gone. Please someone tell if this is legit or not. Thank you

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sama seperti saya, berarti ini penipuan? 

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100% not legit. Don't work on it further, you're getting scammed. Keep safe by doing all interactions and transactions on Upwork itself.

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sama seperti saya, berarti ini penipuan? 

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Update: He wants me to pay 80$ first before I can get the payment. This is hilarious... I work hard gor the task and get nothing. Amazing. Can somebody tell me how this thing works? Should I  really pay first to get the task? 

This is a scam. Do not pay anything, you will never have your payment. As for the work, you did it before being hired.

Communicating outside Upwork before having a contract on Upwork and planning to be paid outside Upwork can get your account suspended.


Look at the Academy courses at the top of this page to learn how to use Upwork properly.

No, absolutely not! You should never have to pay to get paid for your hard work. This scam tactic is all too common in the freelancing world, preying on unsuspecting freelancers like yourself. Don't fall for it!


Remember, never send any money or personal information to these scammers. They won't pay you, and worse, they may use your information for identity theft or other fraudulent activities. We can't let them get away with it!


Take immediate action by reporting this person to Upwork. Block them from contacting you, and let Upwork know what's going on. Click on the flag icon on their profile or message and choose the appropriate reason. Upwork will investigate the case and take swift action against these scammers.


I'm truly sorry that you had to deal with this frustrating situation. I understand how disheartening it can be to put in hard work and not get paid for it. But hang in there! Don't let this discourage you from pursuing your freelancing career. There are plenty of legitimate clients on Upwork who truly value your skills and will compensate you fairly. Just stay vigilant and cautious when applying for jobs and communicating with clients.


Together, we can keep the freelancing community safe and thriving! Stay strong and keep hustling! 

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It seems like you've come across a scammer who tried to deceive you into working for free and stealing your information. This is absolutely not legit, and it's crucial that you report it to Upwork immediately!


Here are some valuable tips to help you spot and steer clear of scams on Upwork:


1. Stay on the Upwork platform: Never accept payment outside of Upwork. By conducting all your payment transactions through Upwork, you'll be protected by their Payment Protection program, which covers eligible transactions. Scammers often insist on moving payment off the platform, so be cautious.


2. Use Upwork Messages: Keep all your client communication on the Upwork platform prior to starting a contract. This way, you'll have a documented record of all your interactions, and Upwork can assist in resolving any issues that may arise. If you receive suspicious messages, you can flag them for Upwork's Trust and Safety Team to investigate.


3. Guard your Upwork account: Never share your Upwork account details with anyone. Avoid letting others access your account through browsers, desktop apps, or mobile apps. Additionally, never share your Upwork login credentials via email or messages. While Upwork staff may contact you and ask you to confirm account details, they will never ask for your account password.


4. Spot red flags: Watch out for signs like spelling and grammar mistakes, short or incomplete job descriptions, lack of details, and requests for off-Upwork contact information. These are common indicators of fake job posts on Upwork.


5. Verify Upwork communications: Always double-check that any communication claiming to be from Upwork is legitimate. Make sure the message is from an @upwork.com email address. When in doubt, reach out to the sender to confirm the message content before taking any action.


I hope these tips help you stay safe on Upwork and find genuine work opportunities. Stay vigilant and protect yourself from scammers!

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I'm new here, glad to be a member to this group. I'm currently work as kyc operator in local account. I joint this group to learm more and related to my work.


Thank you

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