Newbie question: What's up with active jobs that already show someone "hired"?

I'm finding several jobs where, under "Activity on this job," I'll see something like:


Proposals: 5 to 10

Last viewed by client: 2 days ago

Hires: 1


These are single-task jobs... so if someone has been hired, why is the job still open?


It's open until closed by the client.

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Community Manager

Hi Conor,


John is right, clients can decide to leave the job open, in case they need to hire another freelancer later, or close it after making the initial hire.


if possible that upwork can add some filter for freelancers to hide those jobs already hired? 
or add a switch for Client on the still Open jobs, that this current Job still accepting more proposal?
this can help freelancer from wasting their connects on jobs which no more freelancers request anymore.

Thank you for your suggestion, Simon. 

While we are unable to confirm why clients choose to leave their jobs open, some clients may keep the job open in case they need additional freelancers for the project as it progresses. 


I would also like to note that if a client doesn’t hire and closes their job post, any Connects used to submit a proposal will be returned to you. However, if they do not close the job, no Connects will be returned. We understand this isn’t ideal, and we regularly reach out to clients who have open job posts to encourage them to close them if they don’t intend to hire. Because we know the move to paid Connects has made this issue more important, we have already ramped up our outreach to clients who post jobs and don’t hire, and are looking into other ways to better ensure these jobs get closed so your Connects are returned in these cases.

~ Avery