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Re: Newbie

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Thea J Member Since: Jul 9, 2016
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Hi, guys! I am a newbie here.. 


I hope Upwork will help me to gain and improve my skill in Video Production.. I already sent my proposals to my clients, I hope they reply Smiley Happy


Looks like Upwork is a fun and enteresting website. I hope I can get more clients here Smiley Happy



Who are new here?


How was your 1st month? 


Can you please share your experience? 


Thank you Smiley Happy

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Talitha A Member Since: May 29, 2016
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Hello Thea,


Welcome and good luck to you!

I'm new here, this is my third or second month, i don't really remember. Yes, i think UW is really interesting, especially when you can find the right jobs for you.

You can read some posts here, to help you avoid scammers and fraud or anything, be careful with them.


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Mariska P Member Since: Apr 27, 2015
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Welcome to Upwork! Hope you get tons of work! It might a while to get tons of work so be patient.

Just to add to Talitha A's post , here are a couple of  links you can check out.



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Syed Iftikhar Huss S Member Since: Mar 12, 2017
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i am new here, am also waiting for client reply because i used my all connects but still no reply recieved, i hope so i will receive clients reply soon

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Katrina B Member Since: Jan 9, 2011
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Your profile states you are fluent in English in which you're not. Clients can tell by your overview you're not fluent in English. It has spelling and grammar mistakes that fluent speakers do not make.  


You also say you're an account manager but you got a below average score on the bookkeeping test. So clients will look down on that also.  

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