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Newbies Risks

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Jorex D Member Since: Nov 17, 2016
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 Greetings to all Freelancers that happen to stumble on this thread.

I've always read new freelancers posting about their doubts on their client and their career here on upwork. I do hope this experience of mine and opinions can help them on choosing the right client.



 Fixed or Hourly — it depends on how you plan to work on such project. Hourly projects are as they said more secure and leaves a mark on your profile as the time you work will be recorded there. Me, personally, I like to work on fixed jobs so that clients won't be bothered for the bill they have to pay if I happened to make the project longer than i expected.

 Verified or Not Verified client — Verified client are those who have already set up there payment method on upwork system hence making them a trustworthy client. So are those not verified client not trustworthy? Not at all! As I have experience, clients with those accounts are those: (a)new clients who are new to upwork platform that are serious enough on finding freelancers and; (b) scammers who are afraid enough to impart such vital information on the platform. Me, I am a risk taker, I send proposals to any jobs I like not minding the client status. But i review the job description first. Come on! We're all grown up(i guess), we can tell right?

 Clients redirecting you outside upwork — Definitely a NO! Not unless you want a short length of earning on upwork. Here is the thing, some clients despise upwork platform that they use it to suck freelancers out off the platform. Some of their schemes are as follows, BUT NOT ALL APPLY TO THE ENTIRETY BODY OF THE CLIENTHOOD(did i get it right?):

(+) Aside to the fact that you can now do voice calls and video chat on upwork, some clients or acting to be clients will invite you to other platforms such as google hangout or skype to talk about the job. It might be because, upwork won't get in touch on your discussions and would fail to protect their greatest assets — which is YOU —
(+) When it comes to money, everything would go nuts, i daresay and this opportunity-seekers, good-for-nothing, what-so-ever you call them will use this as their leverage. They well-knew that upwork cuts 20% the client pay and use this fact to lead freelancer astray. If we're on the same track, you'll know what i mean.

They would say: "Can I have your paypal account so I can send you my payment?"

and you would be like: "Why not just use upwork?"

 "Upwork will then charge you 20% as their service fee. I'd say i'll pay you directly and get the most of your earnings. What do you say?"

 You on the other hand, a new freelancer, thinking this is alright bit the bait and if your still complaining on the 20% cut, let me ask a question: "WHERE CAN YOU FIND A FREELANCING PLATFORM WITH A GREAT OPPORTUNITY WHICH IS FREE?" none right? Upwork has also expenses to be paid. Let's just understand each other. Think of it as a mutual relationship. Upwork gives us the platform where we can earn and in turn, we'll pay them a part of our earning as support and thanks.
 If you risk doing such thing, A chance of account suspension or permanent banishment on the platform is potential. So, JUST DON'T!

I guess that would be all, I hope this helps. Thank you.

Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Jorex,


Thanks for sharing your observations with the Community.


I have moved your post to "New to Upwork" board where we direct freelancers and clients who are just getting started on Upwork.

~ Valeria
Ace Contributor
Jorex D Member Since: Nov 17, 2016
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Thanks Valerie, didn't notice i posted it on the wrong tab. 🙂

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Jorex: It is a significant complement to you and your post that a Forum Moderator wanted to place your post in a place that newcomers would be even more likely to read it.


Thank you for your observations and great advice.