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No Phone or Live Chat Option with UpWork Support

Why does Upwork not provide Phone or Live Chat support when they are taking 20% of my income for the first $500 of every project?

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Why? Because it is very expensive to provide that.


The math just doesn't work out.


Upwork has one of the most helpful community forums anywhere.


If you have a question, just ask your question here.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Dave,


There are many ways how you can get help. You can get help from our chatbot by clicking the "Chat with Support Bot" button found in the help center. It'll ask you to type in your question, then offer possible solutions. If those solutions don't fully address your question, you can scroll down past them, click "Contact Support" and select your question's category. Once you click "Continue," you should see your support options. You can also send us a message on any official Upwork social media channel. You can find the links in the footer section of the Upwork Community or Upwork platform as shown in this screenshot. As you already know, the Community is always open for help and discussion!


Could you please let me know what issues or questions you have and I'll make sure to escalate your concern/issue to the correct department?


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

Does Upwork offer phone or live chat support to members who are Top Rated Plus?

re: "Does Upwork offer phone or live chat support to members who are Top Rated Plus?"




Although not necessarily all the time.

Availability varies depending on time of day, day of the week, holidays, and resource usage.


It is useful to know that Upwork prefers that users utilize other options, other than phone and live chat support.

Probably the fastest, most reliable way to get your questions answered is to post them right here in the Forum.




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