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No job since I've signed up.

No job since I've signed up. Can someone please take a look at my profile and let me know if something looks off. Thank you. 

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Hello Maria,


Welcome to Upwork.


I had a look at your profile. One thing stood out...your rate. I feel your skills are worth more than $5 an hour. This may put people off. Very low rates can mean less than quality work in some people's minds. The majority of clients are US-based and that would seem very low to them. If you want good-quality clients that are willing to pay you a good rate for your time and skills, consider raising your rate. 


Have a look at what other people with your qualifications are charging per hour.





Thank you for looking and responding. I did have a higher rate and changed it in hopes that it would allow me to get a job and log some hours. I will try to find a middlegound. Thanks again.



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