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Daniel B Member Since: May 4, 2016
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I don't think anything is wrong with your accounts, though I obviously can't confirm it.


It's far more likely that you're just not the best fit for the jobs you've applied to. You aren't guaranteed to hear back from every job you submit a proposal for. There are a whole bunch of factors, like your rate and the level of competition. Sometimes, clients don't respond to anyone at all. I can apply to 10 jobs and hear nothing back, or for example, yesterday I submitted 5 proposals and got 2 interviews from them within hours.


Just keep trying, and you'll find a job that matches your skills.

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Blaine C Member Since: Apr 4, 2016
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But it's too long period that I didn't reply from the clients. Is this possible?

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Daniel B Member Since: May 4, 2016
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Of course it's possible, it just means that in the last two weeks you've either been outbid or outdone in your proposals.

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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the striking similarities of the two profiles "Blaine" and "Renfred" are of course pure coincidence?


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Craig A Member Since: Jan 18, 2016
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Not to mention that they are both claiming to be in Perth, Australia, with the same incorrect time zone. Only out by 15 hours.

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Natalie J Member Since: Jun 2, 2016
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Dear Garnor,


Glad to know about the Team Builder beta program launch. I would need to request the invitation to join the Team Builder group to get more opportunity to accuire an ongoing projects. I am a top rated freelancer and always get 5-stars rating from my clients. You can review my profile page to see the good feedback from my clients.


I am a freelancer on Elance for many years and moved to Upwork when Elance planned to close. I work as a full time freelance presentation designer and Upwork is the main marketplace for me.

However, now I find a very difficult time on Upwork. I used to get good and continuous project which I can earn enough for my living.

Now I hardly get project on Upwork. I applied for many projects but has very quite feedback. I wonder why this happen. I got a very hard time now and need your help.

I am really serious to build a good and long term business on Upwork and I hope I can find the way to solve this problem, if not, then I'm going to die with no work like this.

Thank you so much in advance and I hope I can still alive on Upwork.

All the best,
Anchalee J.
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George L Member Since: Sep 6, 2016
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I'm new to Upwork and got my first small job fairly quickly.

I updated my profile and recieved 'Rising Star' status.

Despite this and using about 50 connects I've had no futher enquiries.

I put foward quite low bids hoping this is an influentual factor for clients, but still no joy.


Does anybody have any advice on how to overcome this barrier.





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Virginia F Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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All bidding low does is set yourself up as a cheap freelancer ... it's not a good way to establish yourself.


Your profile seems disjointed and your portfolio pretty light - there are a million people here who know how to remove backgrounds from a photograph - it's not a skill that will make you stand out. Focus on one thing and do it well ... and have your portfolio highlight that one thing.


And you need to remove the link to your personal website from your portfolio - that is against Upworks TOS.


ETA: Did you have an actual contract here on Upwork with that "one small job"? I don't see it in your profile. Make sure you're working and getting paid through Upwork, otherwise it's a sure way to get yourself booted off the platform.

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Lemuel J Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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I wish I could tell you things will get better as you get your profile more established on Upwork but believe me, it won't get any better.


That's coming from someone with about 70,000 total hours managed and logged and about $40,000 in comission given to Upwork/oDesk. It still won't get any easier.

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zakky r Member Since: Sep 9, 2016
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i am a professional graphic designer and thies days i am not getting any works properly, but all my works recently i have done is perferct and all the clients are telling me my work is exellent..  but since last three monts iam not getting any requests 


pleas tell me waht went wrong and still my performance also 80% even customer rate my work as exellent


What went Wrong pleas tell me