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No one is hiring me

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Tara D Member Since: Apr 9, 2019
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I'm new to upwork and am applying to jobs I know I can do, yet no one is hiring me.  I see this is a common problem.  Not sure what I'm doing wrong.  I have a lot of experience in my field.  It's extremely frustrating.  
Any advice would be welcome.  

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Gerald S Member Since: Apr 1, 2018
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It happens, I wek 5 weeks without a single offer then I couldn't stop them from coming in. It all started to get better when I wrote proposals to the job and not a generic Hi proposal. Depending on your skill, are you sending samples for clients to review? Is your proposals custom to each project?

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Lila G Member Since: Dec 4, 2017
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Tara, you have a great profile description and qualifications. Some advice I would give you is two items.


One of the most important item for any designer is their portfolio. It looks like you don't have much showcased. I see you're linking a youtube video but you have better chances of visibility when everything is on the same page instead of having prospective clients clicking into a different app/tab. Also being able to see small portfolio thumbnails before even clicking within your portfolio already gives them a glimpse of the quality of your work. 


Two, if it's not your portfolio that you're not getting any responses then it's your proposals. When you are responding to jobs are you talking about your qualifications or sharing more knowledge on the specific job post? I am currently in the midst of hiring a writer and I was going through the shortlisting process via Upwork. I noticed that many of those freelancers 'blabbed' on about being new to Upwork or about their somewhat relevant experience instead of talking about the job post. After 10 proposals of seeing the same composition, I immediately knew who to archived. When a client receives your proposal, we see your profile bio first and then what you wrote. So you can see the frustration or quickly discarding/archiving a freelancer because all they did was blab about their qualifications when I can see right above it. The best advice I have heard is, only focus on their job post, share any knowledge possible on how you can help/best approach and let the profile speak about your qualifications.


Just some of my personal thoughts - hope it helps



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Tara D Member Since: Apr 9, 2019
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Hi Again,

Thank you for taking the time to respond to me and for your good advice. I have updated my profile again and submitted many more proposals, personalizing each one for the job, and still I don’t get even a nibble. It’s very discouraging.

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John K Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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Tara, your hourly rate may be scaring away clients, so perhaps you should concentrate on fixed price jobs if you’re not already doing so.
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Pat M Member Since: Jun 18, 2016
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Tara, to expand on John's comments the following UW stats regarding Motion Graphics Designers on the platform may be of assistance to you.


If you select "Filters," you'll notice that most are in the $30-$60/hour range.


Also, please try to not get discouraged.  We were all newbies once!  If we can do it, you can too!