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No response to proposals

I am a graphics designer and video editor. I was directed to Upwork as a wonderful place for freelancers to get jobs. I setup my profile and it was approved in 24hours. Its been a month now and Since then i have been sending proposals..i have sent about 25 proposals with no response. I have setup my profile to the best of my ability updated my portfolio, even got the "rising talent" tag. And i still cant seem to get a job. It gets frustrating sometimes buying connects and yet no response to proposals. Please is there something i am not doing right?
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Kosisochukwu,


I reviewed your profile and have some suggestions. Your profile overview is short compared to the average. Upwork’s research shows clients see it as a positive signal if the profile is well written and comprehensive. Therefore, consider crafting your overview as a pitch to prospective clients. 

  • Help clients understand your abilities better by listing information about your skills and experience in an original and creative way. 
  • Focus on how you can help clients achieve their goals. For example, expand on who you are, the services you offer, and what you’re most passionate about. 
  • Be clear on your expertise and mention specialized software or tools. 
  • Other examples of information you can include are past accomplishments and projects, preferred working style, and your business’ values (e.g. I believe in strong communications or thorough upfront planning), industries or lines of businesses you have worked in before, and the types of clients you have worked with before (start-ups, solo entrepreneurs, large businesses, etc.). 
  • Your written English skills are strong and you are easy to understand. However, I did see a few minor errors. If you'd like to add extra polish, you might want to consider using Grammarly. I use this myself and really like it because it's free and it offers a Chrome add-on so it works in webmail, messages, proposals, and more.

Here are some additional tips for writing a great Overview.


I hope this helps!


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