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No saved jobs + no fixed time project in work portfolio



It seems i can't save any jobs at the moment.


Also, I've got an ongoing fixed time project (first milestone to be approved) which is not shown in my work history (not even in the "in progress" tab). Is there any reason for this?





Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Antonio,


Could you share more details about what happens when you click on the heart to save the job?
Regarding your milestone, could go to My Jobs > My Jobs > and see if you're able to view the submit button on your end? Thank you.

~ Goran


When I click on the heart, it becomes "solid" but the job does not appear
in my saved jobs list.

For the milestone, I can see the submit button. So, I guess the job won't
show up until the submission is approved?

Hi Antonio,


1. Could you please try clearing your cache and cookies or logging in via another browser to save a job?


2. If you`re referring to the contract to be listed on your profile, please keep in mind that funds need to be exchanged before a contract is published on your profile. Thank you.

~ Goran

Hi Upwork,

The Save Job function does not work for the moment. I click on the job title, then click on the Save Job button. It does not save. Click on the heart icon (from the list), but again it does not save. Tried the same in a different browser.


Hi Christian,


I've shared your concern with the team. One of our agents will reach out and assist you directly via a support ticket

~ Joanne
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I am also having a problem using the Save button - it does not work and I can't update my employment history. Ticketing is also not possible anymore, I see. Please help.




Maja S

Hi Maja,


I see that you've been able to add several items to your Employment History. Can you please share a screenshot of the problem you're seeing on your end when you try updating it?

~ Luiggi
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