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No support - Can't change my per hour rate from 0

I am new to upwork and have an agency most members of the team have been on upwork for years.  I created my profile and have been really frustrated at the lack of support for freelancers.


My profile is stuck on having 0 for an hourly rate. Any advice guys?

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Hello John,


I'm sorry to hear that. You can update your profile hourly rate by going to your Accounts Menu, choose your Agency and then go to your Agency Roster. Scroll-down a little bit to the agency members list and then you'll see your name and your hourly rate. You may click on that and a pop up window will be shown in your screen. Choose your hourly rate and then press "Update Rate". Please see screenshot attached for more information. Thank you.step1.pngstep2.pngstep3.pngstep4.png

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