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Not Getting Reply

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Saurav J Member Since: Apr 3, 2017
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I have recently joined the upwork network.I have submitted 4 proposals but not received any response.Nor I have received any jobs on the network.


How to go about this?

Community Guru
Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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It is normal to not receive a reply when you submit a job proposal. Do not worry about it.


When new freelancers start out on Upwork, it may take some time to get hired for their first job. You might need to submit a dozen or more proposals. Maybe you will submit 50 proposals before getting a reply.


You need to apply for a job, and then forget about it. Focus on the next job you want to apply to. Do not think about the jobs you applied to in the past, until you hear from a client.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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And make sure you read this

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Zaid H Member Since: Apr 3, 2017
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It's really common not to get a response to a new freelancer. And probably you'll get a response after sending 30 - 50 proposals in 1-2 months time period but I suggest you to avoid sending reckless proposals and follow some steps. Here the few steps you need to follow to get a job in 10-20 proposals:


1) Set up you profile:

Make sure your profile is 100% complete. Add profile picture, portfolios, experience, education & give tests relevant to your skills.


2) Create a consistent proposal:

Watch this video:


I hope this helps,



Zaid Hashmi