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Not able to win a job till know.

Hi, I have joined Upwork around the half of March if I remember well. Since then, I read several articles and followed web binaries about how to stand out. I am following the YouTube channel of Evan Fisher and Josh Burns, but till now I am still struggling to get hired.


Screenshot_20221017_200340.pngHere are my current stats about proposals.

I'm always working in order to improve my profile and skilled. My profile has been set to private since I didn't get any job jet. Do you have some clues for me?


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I don't know anything about these freelancers, although, after a quick research, they appear to be super successful.

That said, I wouldn't trust what a super successful freelancer says. There's a reason they're successful (apart from working hard/knowing how to promote themselves, etc.), and believe me, they won't spread the knowledge of how to be successful on Upwork to others. Freelancing is highly competitive, so always ask yourself whether the information you receive (from a YouTube channel, online guide, and so on) is accurate and what could be the motives behind the person spreading/sharing it. 


For starters, change your profile picture. 🙂 

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I was thinking about doing it as well. Thanks.

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