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Not any response to my proposals

Hi Upwork team,

Two weeks ago everything was great. I did not do proposals much, maybe 3-4 a week, and I got interview with some of them, also I got 2-3 invitations per week, sometimes more.
There is nothing in my profile thats go on the wrong way or breaks Upwork policy. I know I have potential of my skill. I was working very hard. Then why everything stops suddenly.??
There has been two weeks and no one is responding to my proposals as a matter of fact not even trying to ask about( I'll talking about short interviews and sample or past work) my work.

I have upgraded my samples even more better but nothing happens.
I have spent hundreds connect but no one is responding as if my profile is blocked?

Hi Anum,


Every beginning can be difficult and everyone, including new freelancers, are experiencing highs and lows, but you shouldn't lose hope. You may check these great topics in our Resource Corner to help you create proposals that win jobs:


Additionally, feel free to check this help article on how to write a cover letter. Feel free to follow up if you have further questions.

~ Nikola

Hey Guys ,


Over the last 3 months I've been just submitting proposal. So far only 1 job has been completed, no invitations also. All the proposals, are customized. The solutions are explained right at the beginning of the proposal. I'm investing more connects to continue. But no response from the clients. 


The submitted proposals do show some interviews, but there is no hiring. I checked the last month's proposals. Out of 15 submitted proposals only 1 was hired.  This month again I checked the last 10 proposals, there is no hiring so far. Whereas all the employers hiring rate varies from 50% - 70% and few have 100% hiring rate. After a month the project is archived. The connects get wasted. What is the issue? I'm very demotivated.



Hey Guys,


With regards to my earlier message attached is a screenshot of a archieved project. The customer has interviewed and there is no hiring. After a month the project is closed. Being a new bee I loose my connects. 


Any suggestions on this.


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I saw that you have no Job Succes Score. Although you have 5 start feedbacks for the contracts that you ended, you don't have a sucess score, neither a badge like Top Rated. You should seek simple, quick jobs that you can ens quickly quth a good feedback, to get a jos success score, that is gotten when you have completed typically from 5 to 8 contracts.

Best regards.

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