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Not getting Jobs

I have been on upwork for 2 months now, with 100% profile. Applied for so many jobs, still havent gotten any, got one message to commence an interview for a potential job during the early days, one time, never heard from the person again, i feel dissappointed. Whats wrong? Me or upwork?

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Hi Williams,

Welcome to Upwork! Please check these helpful resources on how to get started, it has some tips and this will guide you through the process of building your profile and fast-tracking your Upwork career. Please check this blog for instructions and advice on how to create a great Portfolio.


Happy Upworking!

~ Jo-An

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Hi Williams,

That is completely fine. Keep trying, you will get it. For new freelancer it's a matter of luck, because all the clients wanted to hire an experienced freelancer for their job. I hope you have experience outside upwork but clients prefere experience with upwork mostly.


You know what? I get my first job after 4 months of applying. No worries, just decorate your profile a bit, like add portfolio, take some tests etc... Let the clients realize that when they visit your profile that you are perfect for the job.


Hope it helps..

Thank you and happy hunting Smiley Very Happy

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